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Welcome to Rottweiler 411

Welcome to a site dedicated to providing you with a TRUE look at the wonderful breed of dog known as the Rottweiler. Here you can find everything Rottweiler including a history of the Rottweiler, the breed profile, Rottweiler photos, Rottweiler rescue, Rottweiler resources and links and adoption organizations. Thank you for visiting.


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The breed is an ancient one and its history stretches back to the Roman Empire. In those times the legions travelled with their meat on the hoof and required the assistance of working dogs to herd the cattle. One of the routes the army travelled was through Wüberg and on to the small market town of Rottweil... [more]



En español: La casta es antigua y su historia estira de nuevo al imperio romano. En esas écas las legiones viajaron con su carne en el enganche y requirieron la ayuda de perros de trabajo de reunirse los ganados.
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