Are Bangladeshi people considered black

It's genetic. All babies are born slightly lighter than they will become. I assure you that a redhead could NEVER become dark skinned. Also, there are some people with "fair skin" and that means that they can NOT get a tan, even if they wanted to. Other people, like Indians, and Native Americans, and Filipinos, tan VERY quickly. It means that if they're out in the sun for an hour, their skin rapidly darkens. Tanning is actually supposed to protect your skin from the sun.

There's a reason why people in India are darker skinned than European. It's their genetics! You might as well ask why the Bangledeshis don't have blond hair. They can eat bananas all day, but they're not getting blonde hair. Of course nobody assumes that you can get blond hair by doing something, because it's ridiculous. Then why do people that skin color is any different.

My point is, the Indians have this complex where they want to be white, but really they should get the "white obsession" out of their minds and learn to accept themselves as they are. It's sad that entire cultures obsess about this. It's the same thing in Asian countries and in Latin America. It's just white superiority ideas that are still influencing the thoughts of people. If the Bangledeshi were the only people in the world, and they didn't know of any other skin color, don't you think they would be a lot more comfortable and confident in themselves? They wouldn't even think twice about why their skin is the way it is.

You're trying to go in and out and then in again with this issue, but really it's simple and not complicated at all. You're either born dark or light, and you can't change it. Stop rationalizing it, or trying to find excuses for things and just accept things as they are.

Because of the skin varieties, we undoubtedly start classifying ourselves, and this type of thinking really does place an unneccessary curse on millions of people. Actually billions, since white people are and always have been a minority in this world, and they don't have much babies, so they're ever rarer by the day.