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Unless Dell has some specific own hibernation function which MUST use that partition (which is pretty unlikely, but if you want to know, call their support), you could delete it, because windows can use the system partition for hibernation purposes.

But are you going to use hibernation a lot? If that is the case, it is adviseable to leave partition so that you will always have space for the hibernation file (I assume the laptop is pre-configured to use it for hibernation, since that's how you got it.) You will not win anything in space, because to use the hibernation, you will need those 8GB free anyway, no matter if they are on another partition or on your c: drive.

If you however won't be using hibernation at all, or just want to remove the partition, that could be done as well, but you will have to boot up from a live-cd or usb. As far as I know, Windows cannot resize live partitions. I would suggest any recent linux live-cd with GParted, for example Ubuntu or Debian. There are also GParted-only live CDs. If you can connect the drive to another windows machine, it's possible to do in windows drive manager, but since you are on a laptop and taking out the drive and putting it into another computer seems complicated, I would stick with the live-cd/usb.

answered Oct 29 '12 at 13:41


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