Can cockroaches survive in water

Having a cockroach problem it’s no laughing matter. These little insects can become a pest if we don’t take care of them right away, and that’s the reason why we want to know all the information about these insects. These are two of the questions that are always asked: how long can cockroaches live without food? And, how long can these insects live without water?

How Long Can Roaches Live without Food & Water?

Cockroaches are cold-blooded insects. Being a cold-blooded means they don’t need to eat food to keep the body temperature since they can habituate to the temperature of the place they are in.

That’s the reason why that can live up to a month without eating anything. Your house can be spotless clean without any type of food residues and you might still find roaches in it.

Do you want to know something interesting? Cockroaches can feed upon anything they find and this includes food, plants, and even stool. These characteristics can make them see as indestructible, but if they don’t drink water they can die right away.

These insects can survive a week or two without any type of water. Have you noticed how roaches love spending time in bathrooms? These places are heaven for them!

Eliminating water leakages in your house is a great solution for eliminating them. Try focusing on water leaks, possible condensation on pipes, and even moist sponges. Even a small drop of water can keep them alive for weeks.

We have talked about two of the most important questions homeowners ask themselves when they want to get rid of cockroaches, but we believe it’s important to demystified other things about these insects. For example, can a cockroach live without its head?

Yes, cockroaches can live for about a week without its head since they don’t breath through it. Cockroaches have an open circulatory system and they can breathe through holes located all over their bodies. Cockroaches’ nervous system is also located through its body, so if you cut out its head it doesn’t mean they will lose their brains.

Another important myth is that roaches can survive a nuclear attack, but the truth is they can’t. Sure, these insects can take up 10 times the radiation a human can, still, they can’t survive an event of this importance.

To conclude, we all have heard so many facts, myths, and information about cockroaches. Which is fact and which one is a lie? We can assure you two things: this type of insect can survive a month without food and a week (or two) without water.

If you wish to get rid of them right away, try to fix any water leaks you might have in your house. And, as a bonus: yes, cockroaches can live without its head for about a week, but no, these animals can’t and won’t survive a nuclear apocalypse. These insects might seem indestructible but they aren’t.

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