Can I divorce my parents

Yes children as young as 11 have done so and soem seceeded.

If you have the money one of those awful slippery, slinky , greedy lawyers will certainly take it.

Just know what you are in for.

First what kind of parents do you have because the lawyer will make them out to be the most awful filthest things on earth.

Being female the first thing he will come up with is abuse of you.

He'll try to show your father and possible your mother abused you sexually of course.

See you have to have a reason to divorce your parents but it has been doen. and usually it's kids who want more freedom than they should have and don't know what they are doing to their family.

If you are minors you could beconme wards of the state and lose your parents, maybe forever.

So be sure you want to risk losing your parents and your income to becme a ward of the state as the parents are not obligated to pay child support if children get a divorce . The just lose custody.