Can we trust Healer Baskar

Each one is right from their own perspective
"Just because you think you are right, it doesn't make me wrong. It just means we have different viewpoints"
- Healer Baskar
In today's world where simplicity is mistaken for unaffordability, Healer Baskar remains a simple and humble person. He communicates and delivers to the laity, the scientific truths that he has learned, in a language that is easily understandable with a tint of humor here and there. Whatever the domain is, he would explore until he is well versed in it and would inform people about its pros and cons in the simplest way possible, at free of cost.
He works hard for the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of people around the world. Having been a victim himself of a lot of diseases and allopathic medicinessince his childhood, he gave up confidence in all the so-called treatments and went ahead to discover through his own experiences, the miracles of the human body and how it can cure itself of any diseasewithout any external support. Since then, he has been sharing this knowledge with everyone who wished to listen to him, with a great level of transparency. He genuinely observes Karma Yogam which implies that one must keep doing their duties without expecting anything in return.