Can you use Angular 2 without Node

It's hard to answer without knowing how your Imaging editing tool works. But to answer your question, no you do not need Node.js to use AngularJS.

Angular is a front-end javascript framework which operates in the clients web browser.

Node is a service which can execute javascript and is often used on a server maybe in replacement of PHP (like in MEAN stack). Also, because Node is a service which can execute javascript it can be used in your local computer when developing Angular applications to do background tasks such as minifying css and javascript and performing tests.

So if your Imaging editing tool is developed in javascript and your application used Angular and Node (as a web server), the code could be executed on either client side or server side.

Have a read on MEAN stack to see where Node and Angular fit in. You don't even need Node at all but it's nice to develop all in the same language.

answered Oct 16 '14 at 7:42


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