Did I mess up my life 1

Number one, you can't mess up your life. You make mistakes, take detours, but you can get things back on track. What you want to do here, is to calmly go to your mom, with a counselor, (not a school counselor, you need a rehab counselor), let them talk to you alone first, then your mom. Yes, your mom will be upset at first, but the counselor and she can work out a plan that will work for both of you, get both of you back on track, closer than you were before. The key here is to take the first step, which you have here, but take that same step, and admit, you have issues, not problems. You need to get to the bottom of what is really going on. This is how a counselor will help. They will be straight with you, tell you things must change, and you must be willing to change. It won't happen over night. It will be a challenge, but that is what makes us stronger. Don't ever think, you are a failure. People take detours, but can get back on track. So you skip the tennis team for a while, big deal. Getting yourself healthy, back on track emotionally is more important. As for the cutting thing, its a sign of unhappyness, and a feeling of loss of control. Again, you need a counselor who will work with these issues with you. You mom will be hurting, and will take time to see you are in pain, will want to get you the help you need. Be patient with her. AA won't be enough to deal with this, especially if you have cutting issues, that needs a pro who deals with kids who are into that. AA is great for alot, but this screams, a lot more is going on than they can help you with. I won't lie, you will have to forgo your crowd which feeds your addiction. Its worth it to get healthy, strong, then you can get those grades back up, get back your confidence, self respect. Its normal to feel loss after a breakup, but the cutting, and drinking are not the answer. Time. get a counselor, talk to your mom, and both of you will be stronger, better for it. Hang in there.

Source(s): divorced parent who went through this with her own kids.