Did Latin alphabet evolve from Egyptian hieroglyphs

The English alphabet is a variation of the Latin alphabet, containing 26 letters with upper and lower case forms. These 26 letter can be used to write all of the words in English.

Egyptian Hieroglyphics had no alphabet as we know it, They had a 4 systems of symbols: uniliterals, biliterals, triliterals, and logographs:

  1. 24 uniliterals (symbols that stood for single consonants, much like English letters but with no vowels).
  2. 112+ common biliterals (symbols which represented a specific sequence of two consonants, two vowels, or combination of both).
  3. 50+ common triliterals (symbols which represented a specific sequence of three consonants).
  4. symbols representing concepts rather than sounds

The common use Egyptian hieroglyphs, including all of the above, numbered between 650-700 including variants. By late Ancient Egyptian time, including the Ptolemaic Egypt, the number of hieroglyphs became in the multiple thousands.