Do people in Japan speak English?no_redirect=1

Japanese find it very difficult to understand English when spoken by native English speakers although it is compulsory for them to learn English at school for at least 3 years. It's much easier for them to understand written English. The Japanese language does not have the same sounds found in English. I guess they would find it easier to understand British accent than American accent because the pronunciation is clearer and similar.

Believe it or not, the Japanese use so many English words in their daily conversations. You would not understand them though because the way we pronunce those words may sound very different from the way English speakers would do. We even use words such as `Identity`, `versus`, `cool` etc., but when we prounce `cool` for example, it sounds more like 'CouhhhhRu'. When the word is spoken by the natives it sounds to us `cooU`.

The reason why the Japanese language is so different from English is because unlike European languages, it is not based on Latin and Greek.

Many Japanese can understand some written Chinese because we both use quite many common characters. Sometimes, you can get gist of sentences although the grammers and pronunciations are totally different between the two languages.

I understand the same applies to Enropean languages. I find French and English are quite similar.