Do Soufeel charms fit on Pandora bracelets

I’m not all about spending a lot of money on jewelry.  I like it, and wear it when I don’t have a toddler with me that threatens to rip open my ear lobes or strangle me with a necklace.

But there are women in my family who love it.  They wear their favorite pieces everywhere they go.  So when Christmas, birthdays, or Mother’s Day rolls around, finding the right gift is easy, but costly.

Soufeel: Is it a good Pandora alternative?

This Mother’s Day Soufeel offered to send me a charm bracelet for an honest review.  (My reviews are always 100% honest and 100% my own.)  I got something for one of the grandmas, and it impressed everyone.  Soufeel sells bracelets and charms to go along with them at a reasonable price, making them a good Pandora alternative.

They fit on Pandora or Chamilia bracelets.  So if someone you know has a Pandora bracelet, but the beads are crazy expensive, you can still impress and please at a lower price.

How Soufeel Resolved My Concerns

I did have some concerns before the bracelet arrived.  Here’s how they were each resolved:

  • Quality ofMetal.  After my cadmium kerfuffle, I was a bit concerned about what kind of metal was going to be used in the jewelry.  Turns out it’s 925 sterling silver, so that worked out great for me.
  • Shipping.  I’m always a little hesitant about ordering things from China.  Shipping can take a really long time, or extra taxes can be tacked on along the way depending on which countries the parcel passes through.  My experience with the shipping process with Soufeel was great.  It only took a week and a half to get here (the order was placed on a Friday; I’d say that’s decent for traveling around the world,) and I discovered that when you place an order of $50+, the shipping is free.  World-wide.
  • What if I hate it?  I do and have turned down item reviews before because once the item arrived, it was not  up to par.  We all loved the Mother’s Day charm bracelet.  But if we had ordered it the traditional way, and hadn’t loved it, there is a 365 day return/exchange policy.

Super pretty bracelet.  Reasonable price.  And an affordable Pandora alternative — the name brand being pretty luxe.  If you’re shopping charm bracelets, I’d definitely recommend them. They have charms for pretty much every occasion.  Like if the lady you’re shopping for has a favorite dog.  Seriously.

If you are in the market for quality, specialty charms, you can use the Femme Frugality exclusive code, B5off, to get 5% off of your Soufeel order.

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