Do you miss being a combat soldier

As a Soldier in the U.S. Army, you’re tasked with upholding the Constitution and protecting America’s freedoms. But it’s not always work”Soldiers have free time just like everyone else to spend with friends and family, or take part in sports or hobbies. Soldiers continually strengthen themselves mentally and physically through Ongoing Training. And most important”Soldiers live the Seven Core Army Values every day.

Soldiers are the essence of our Army – they always have been and always will be. For more than three decades we have demonstrated that an all-volunteer Army can be the world’s premier fighting force.

The expanded missions that the Army is involved in today place tremendous demands and great responsibilities on our Soldiers and leaders. This Nation and our Army place extraordinary confidence in our small-unit leaders and individual Soldiers. They are our credentials.

You hear a lot of talk about technology and advanced weapons systems, but we know that at the center of every mission and everything the Army does, is the Soldier. There are more than 320,000 Soldiers deployed worldwide doing the best they can to accomplish the mission handed to them. And each and every one of them is doing a great job. Much of what they’re doing gets no recognition, no medal, no picture in the paper. But they do it because it’s the right thing to do, and because they are dedicated to excellence.

Life On Post
Most Soldiers are pleasantly surprised by the facilities an Army Post offers. You’ll find fitness centers, movie theatres, even tax-free shopping at the Post Exchange (PX) and Commissary”where you can buy almost anything from DVD players to groceries to clothing. With all this within reach, an Army Post isn’t just a place to live”it’s a community.

Where you live on an Army Post depends on your rank and family situation, those with higher rank or number of family members, have more housing options. For most new Soldiers, living on Post is a lot like living in an apartment complex. See an example of the places single Soldiers are living with these panoramas.

An Army Post is also a place to make friends and spend your free time. From bowling alleys to computer labs, weight rooms to restaurants, Soldiers have plenty of options for fun, relaxation and learning.

Army Posts offer a variety of facilities for Soldiers to do almost anything they want during their spare time. These facilities can include:

Gyms and fitness centers
Movie theaters
Computer labs
Places of worship
Parks and swimming pools
Bowling alleys
Golf courses
Tennis courts
Riding stables
Auto shop
Bars and clubs

Living The Army Values
Many people know what the words Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage mean. But how often do you see someone actually live up to them? Soldiers learn these values in detail during Basic Combat Training (BCT), from then on they live them every day in everything they do”whether they’re on the job or off. In short, the Seven Core Army Values are what being a Soldier is all about.

America’s Soldiers personify the Warrior Ethos. They are bound to each other by integrity and trust.

The Soldier’s Creed
I am an American Soldier.
I am a Warrior and a member of a team.
I serve the people of the United States and live the Army Values.
I will always place the mission first.
I will never accept defeat.
I will never quit.
I will never leave a fallen comrade.

I am disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my warrior tasks and drills. I always maintain my arms, my equipment and myself.
I am an expert and I am a professional.
I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States of America in close combat.
I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.
I am an American Soldier.


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