Does Paul McCartney wear a toupee

Wigs. Rugs. Plugs. Bird's nests. No matter what you call them, a hair piece is a hair piece is a hair piece. Women use hair extensions and wigs all the time, but believe it or not, men do too -- especially men in Hollywood.You might not know it, but some of the biggest names in town were once bald, and now ... aren't.

There are countless websites devoted to speculating about which of our favorite male stars do and which don't have hair plugs, but the evidence really speaks for itself. Look around at the guys you see every day. Do all of them have lush, thick heads of hair? No. Then how and why do they in Hollywood? Is there something in the water?

Hmmm. We have compiled a list of 10 male stars rumored to have hair that's not exactly real.

Check out these 10 celebs below and then tell us:

Can you think of any other male stars who may wear hair pieces?

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