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by funky » Thu Feb 16, 2012 8:35 am

Rebba, I only laughed because I didn't know what ice was either. I went out with a bloke who smoked cannabis in the 80s, and I had a drag on his spliff once, (have I got that lingo right? It sounds vaguely suggestive!) Well, nothing happened, except for me wasting some of the money that he'd spent buying the stuff.
I remember going into a dodgy pub with him once, to buy some cannabis, the air was thick with it. He sent me up the bar to buy one Risler! (You, know, that paper that you buy to roll your own.) That was the extent of my journey into the wild world of drugs!
(Just realised - now I sound as though I think that ice is cannabis, but I don't, I'm just rambling.)

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