Has islam evolved How

Islam has not changed at all, I would say.

This is because God revealed the final message to Mankind with the promise that it would be preserved for the rest of time - until the Day of Judgment.

Muslims have changed, in may ways, with regards to their practice of Islam; but the Qur'an is the very same Qur'an that was recited by Muhammad. The evidence of that is, simply, that there were never any two different Qur'ans in the world. God's promise to protect Islam come true.

Further, the sayings and practices - the life - of Muhammad have all been documented quite clearly. Again, God promised to protect this final message and He has done so.

Muslims have been strict, or lax, from time to time. they have come under more literal interpretations of things and they have come under the influence of mysticism, as well. All these variations have occurred throughout time in different places and different times. So, there may be some Muslims who are strict in one part of the world and, at the very same time, liberal in other parts of the world.