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Campus  (Starting from Admission Season 2016)

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Life seems drab and dull after the four years spent at BITS Pilani – K.K. Birla Goa Campus. Sure you get everything you have been working hard for, for the last four years – a good job with a great CTC or a shot at an Ivy League University for higher studies but your soul still seems to settle down and sigh in peace in the campus. Why?

Well why not??

Its Goa,

It’s one of the premier institutes to get admission in.

It gives its students freedom in abundance

Provides its students with state of the art infrastructure.

Keeps up with co curricular activities with the same diligence shown in academics.

Grants admission on the basis of merit and not reserved seats or references.

So, why not miss the campus, and its surroundings, the fests and faculties, the friends and seniors? BITS Pilani makes an adult out of a teenager but at the same time, makes the adult wish to be 17 once again.


The campus is serene, quaint offering a panoramic view of the Zuari River flowing nearby, nestled amongst the forests, hillocks and waterways. In the midst of such beauty lies the 180 acres BITS Pilani – K.K. Birla Goa Campus. It has been almost 10 years, but the campus provides its students with top notch infrastructure and services to complete their tenure in BITS. The classrooms are air conditioned and have decent furniture, multimedia and Wifi connection for interactive studies, which is a common practice in the classes.

So be sure to carry your laptop and external hard disk drive. The two storied library enabled with WiFi has enormous collection and is a delight to any student in quest of knowledge. The labs are well stocked though the electronics lab could be improved. The beautifully manicured central lawns are a delight to sore eyes.


The campus comes with a Student Activity Center or S.A.C which houses diverse courts for Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, football, a gym, an Art room and a music room.

One might feel sick due to excessive happiness, buoyancy, exuberance, seeing and hearing about the campus facilities, the location, the rules and regulations, the fests or simply the name GOA, the on campus medical centre is capable of treating any kind of circumstances in exchange of a small pay for the medicines. Keeping the comfort of students in mind, a shopping complex has been build inside the campus, which includes a supermarket, a stationary shop, one vegetable/fruit shop, a SBI outlet and ATM, a barber shop, a beauty salon, two bookstores and two laundries.



Freedom is one of the major factors that decide the academic norms of this institution. Liberty and flexibility is granted to students to choose their course combinations out of the list of electives provided to them. They can choose their class timings, design their own time table, and adjust the required courses in the semester according to their convenience. Attendance is not compulsory thus the students attend classes out of sincerity and interest to gain knowledge.

The academic structure followed here is almost flawless with continuous assessments taking place almost regularly, forcing the students to be up and prepared every time they attend classes. Relative grading is practiced, as it is better when compared to absolute grading. BITS emphasizes on understanding the concept rather than mugging the theory. Other than the three major tests, namely Test-1, Test-2 and Comprehensive Exam, numerous surprise tests, projects are undertaken by the faculties.

Classes start from 8 in the morning and continue till 5 in the evening.The professors are helpful, friendly and approachable in and out the class. Formal cut out consultation hours are given to students to clear up their doubts, but a professor can be approached even outside these timings.


When you have a college at the hottest party destinations in India, campus rules become a bit stringent compared to other BITS campuses. Campus life is bliss at BITS GOA. Diverse crowd is found in the campus with students from all over the country coming to study here. The junior senior relationship is unique in BITS campus as it is made of love and friendship rather that force and fear. Seniors are called by their names and not but designations like Sir or Ma’am.

Video – Department of Photography – BITS Pilani, K.K. Birla Goa Campus

Because it’s Goa, where even a paan shop sells beer and alcohol at dirt cheap prices, the authorities have set some rules to maintain the stature of the institution. You’ll be tested with breath analyzers while you enter college for traces of alcohol consumption. If you are found drunk, your parents would be notified and you’ll have to pay a fine. Having big bucks in your pocket matters a lot when you want to enjoy life in Goa, outside the campus walls. Transport outside campus is slightly expensive and inconvenient to find. Campus outings are limited due to high costs and the distances involved. Once in a while students do go out to the beaches in groups. Liquor consumption is not a major problem on campus as the students are not forced to do any such acts by the seniors. The rest is left to ones will and temptation. The disciplinary committee is highly dreaded on campus which has effectively kept alcoholism at a minimum.


The residential campus has 12 hostels for boys and 2 hostel complex for girls. Hostel stay is compulsory for all students. One can only become a day scholar, if his/her parents or close relatives are residents of Goa. Rooms are of single occupancy and come with a cot, an attached table, wardrobe, a mirror, one tube light, one fan, curtain wire and a stone shelf. The hostels are well planned with a common room in the middle. One can play table tennis, carom or watch a T.V. in the common room. Each hostel room is enabled with a LAN connection.

All hostels have solar heated water and a geyser in each complex.Each floor also has a water cooler. Recently a badminton court has been put into place in each hostel. The rooms are big enough for a single person and his/her belongings. The washrooms are common and well distributed so that students don’t have to queue and waste time before attending classes. The bathrooms and lobbies are cleaned on a regular basis. The cleanliness of rooms varies from person to person but otherwise its hygienic.

The food quality in messes going against the usual norm of hostel food is healthy, delicious and offers variety to the students. The menu covers the famous food items of

different states and also different sweets are available at lunch. On Sundays, a special fast-food dinner is served. Every month there are special lunches where delicious food is served. There are two dining halls A and C. Regular meals are provided 3 times a day. Apart from the mess food on campus, there are a handful of eateries and a restaurant to satisfy your taste buds. These include Monginis, Ice and Spice, two snacks centres, the Institute Cafeteria Nescafe outlet.

There is Borkars, the supermarket which tends to each and every need of the students in campus. Other than that a little shop providing essentials to the freshers for the initial few days is set up in the common rooms of all hostels.


Keeping up with the club culture of BITS, the Goa campus too has a number of clubs and non academic departments for the students to be involved in. The various clubs include Music, Dance, Hindi Drama, English Drama, Hindi Press, English Press, Creative Activities, Mime, Photography, and Poetry Clubs, English Language Activities Society, and Hindi Activities Society. There are also several departments, which help organize various student events.

A number of fests are organized by the college namely, WAVES (cultural fest), SPREE (sports meet), QUARK(technical fest). The fests are completely managed by the students with a faculty coordinator to keep a check on institute norms.

The BCCI maintained cricket ground and Goa Salgaocar maintained football ground along with the other sports facilities available in the campus are put to good use during SPREE. A student not just has fun during these fests, but grows in experience and knowledge while organizing them.





Nearest Airport – Dabolim Airport, 5 Kms

Nearest Railway Station – Vasco and Madgaon, 10 kms and 28 kms respectively.


Location: 2/5 (secluded)

Nightlife: 6/5 (if you manage to gather enough money and travel out towards the main city)

On Campus Madness: 5/5

Strictness on Campus: 4.5/5

On Campus Housing: 3/5

Overall Crowd: 3/5 (1 girl for every 4 boys)

Party Scene: 5/5

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