How do I join the Mumbai Police

Many student dropouts are filling forms to get into the Mumbai Police force. The involvement of engineers, doctors, and other graduates in the ongoing police recruitment has become a matter of concern.

The lack of financial support has forced these students to drop out from their education and take jobs in Mumbai Police.

Laxman Vaishnath Panchal, 22, who belongs to Latur’s Nilanga, came to Mumbai four days ago to be a part of the Mumbai Police cadre. He said that his whole family depends on farming including his mother, father and younger brothers. However, the question arises that how will the family survive on agriculture in a drought-prone area? The family gets some work which can pay them the daily wages for their expenses.

However, Laxman did well in academics since his childhood and he went further to take up engineering. Unfortunately, he was unable to provide the fees for his third year of engineering due to poor financial conditions of his family. On top of that, Laxman's parents are bed-ridden and the whole burden of the house falls on him. Thus, he is trying to get onto the Mumbai Police force.

Another applicant for the Mumbai Police named Rushikesh Kharat, 26, who has a Bachelors of Science (BSc) degree and belongs to Buldhana’s Sindhkhedaraja. The financial condition of his home is uncertain and just one acre of land is not enough for his family to survive, given that there is a possibility of drought too. If one doesn’t work in the family, getting food in the house is really difficult. So, he decided to join Mumbai Police and applied for the same. After his graduation, he wanted to study further but the institutions demand lakhs of rupees.

In the recruitment process, the number of highly educated youth seem to be a significant number. 423 engineers, 167 MBAs have applied in the recruitment process including 543 M.Com graduates, 28 B.Ed, 34 MCA, 25 Mass Media and Education, and 3 BMM graduates.


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