How do Romanians see Italians

I completely agree with "El Gatito the Nubian Prince". As many other answers mentioned above there are variations in appearance across romania.

Lets not forget the gypsies, (because there are many in Romanian and also Italy),which tend to resemble people from India but their story can go on and on because of their migrating origins.

As mentioned above almost two thousand years ago the land or Romania known as Dacia at the time was conquered by the roman empire.

Over many generations the romans mixed with the people of Dacia and as far as i remember from history lessons today's romanian language is a mixture of latin and the language spoke by the early people living in Dacia.

The question above also mentioned that romanians don't resemble the slav origin look from the neighboring countries such as Ukraine and Hungary. This is a good observation and indeed correct to some extent (there are thousand of germans and hungarians that leave in Romania at present time and there are villages in Romania were people predominantly speak their native language in this case hungarian and german)

To sum up, i think that it is hard to define what an italian and what a romanian looks like. Over the centuries Europe has been through many changes and various cultures lived on the same land i.e. romans in Dacia, so people from Europe are sometimes hard to distinguish by their appearance.

Source(s): I am romanian