How effective are telephone fundraising campaigns

While response rates and ROIs on the phone have remained consistently strong over the years, the performance of other more traditional channels such as DRTV, door drop and direct mail have declined. This is particularly evident in acquisition fundraising where, for many organisations, these more passive channels simply don't work as well anymore (on their own at least).

3. Engagement and retention

The well-known principles of stewardship and drivers of engagement are:listening to your supporters, interacting with them, personalising your communications, demonstrating shared values, building trust, and ‘taking them on a journey’. What better channel for this than the phone? What better vehicle than real life conversations with your supporters?

As illustrated below, Pell & Bales see time and time again that when you do speak to supporters on the phone they will go on to have lower attrition rates than those that don't receive a call – yes, even it was a fundraising call, and when the donor declines to give during the call.