How important is design in community

In today’s day and age, one cannot underestimate the importance of design, the art of creating striking visuals to move and captivate your audience. But why is it exactly that design, especially graphic design has become so important in the past decade? 


Some would point the finger at Apple, whose phones and laptops set the industry standard for what it means to create a truly breathtaking product. Heck, even their mouse and keyboard are completed with an elegant glass and aluminum finish to make the shine through. Moreover, Steve Jobs himself, before Apple and Pixar, was inspired to create the multiple typefaces because of a calligraphy class he took in college. 


And as the world becomes more and more digitized with each passing second, the importance of graphic design has been rocketed to the top. We open up our phones every 5.6 minutes. That’s more than 150 opportunities everyday per person to either make a lasting impact or leave them with a bad taste. And that is just mobile. Think about all of the websites you go to on your laptop, or the billboards you look at while walking through the city. And now, many people have smartwatches like the Apple Watch and the Moto 360. Let’s face it. Design is utterly and completely inescapable. According to DesignHill, a graphic design blog, “Graphic design is now being addressed also as advertising design, corporate identity design, typographic design, packaging design, multimedia design, sign age design, editorial design, web design and many more.” 


Even Airbnb, one of the world’s most valuable startups (last valued at $13 billion), is also looking into furthering its design, to put more focus into the user viewpoint in a way that not just its designers are working on design, but everyone in the company is. Although it may seem like a company such as Airbnb doesn’t need to invest too much in design, its efforts provide proof to the contrary, that every company regardless of industry needs to think about how the public views it. 


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