How safe is Garfield Park in Chicago


Hello everyone:

I've been reading these forums a lot during my apartment search and sought out neighborhoods that would be recommended for someone like me (young professional, recent college graduate). That included Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and Andersonville, but I didn't find any apartments that I fell in love with until I took a chance and viewed some lofts at 2626 W. Washington Blvd. Then it happened: Wham, this place was home. The downside? Well, it's in East Garfield Park.

I'm not naive. I know this is a rough area, but these lofts are brand new, incredibly priced, and very well secured. I know there won't be a lot of nightlife--I can live with that, but what I'm worried about is my walk to the El to the California Green station daily, which is two blocks from the apartment. I work in Lincoln Square, and will need to take the green to the brown line daily. I'm not taking my car when I move to the city, but my boyfriend will have his (which we can use for trips to the grocery store and what have you).

Anyway, I'm worried that I'm being seduced by these lofts to the detriment of my personal safety. Or I could just be being a paranoid suburbanite and maybe the area's not that bad. Any advice about this matter would be greatly, greatly, appreciated.