How safe is street food in Barbados

Restaurants are in abundance with a variety of different cuisines available in Barbados, however, in order to enjoy a meal full of flavour that will have your tastebuds dancing, you do not even need to go to a restaurant! There are many different types of food options available by street-side vendors. Here's a look at our top five street side foods! 

Fish Cakes: Fish cakes are undoubtedly one of the top contenders for most popular food in Barbados. Whether you are dining road-side at a rum shop or at an elegant restaurant, we guarantee that fish cakes will appear on any menu! Typically, if you are getting your fish cakes from a rum-shop or local vendor on the street, the fish cakes tend to be fist-sized served with a Marie Rose Sauce which compliments the fish cakes magnificently.

Bread and Two: Mainly served in small rum shops throughout the island, Bread and Two is another popular choice for many. What is a “Bread and Two” you may ask? We can answer that question! Bread and Two is two fish cakes inside of salt bread. In Barbados, a salt bread is a bun of bread which, ironically enough is not salty.

Cutters: In Barbados, if you’re looking for a cutter head to the rum shop, laid-back beach side eateries and food trucks! A “cutter” is a sandwich made using a freshly baked salt bread and there are a variety of options regarding what else goes inside a cutter. For example, some popular choices are flying fish, cheese, ham, and fried egg. Cutters can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner and most are served with lettuce and tomato. For the adventurous, we recommend topping your cutter with Bajan hot sauce for an extra kick of spicy flavour. Head on down to Cuz for one of Barbados' best fish cutters!

BBQ Pig Tails: As suggested by its’ name, a pig tail is exactly that; the tail of a pig. Pig tails are very popular in Barbados, a famous salty meat commonly used when making rice to give it extra flavour. On the side of the street or during our festivals, you are most likely to see barbecued pig tails for sale slathered in a spicy but sweet sauce. One popular place to find BBQ Pig Tails would be on the streets of Bridgetown.

Breadfruit Chips: Breadfruit is commonly found throughout the Caribbean, most definitely in Barbados. Breadfruit can be prepared in many different ways, however breadfruit chips are the most popular street food method for a breadfruit. Breadfruit chips are simple to make by simply breadfruit chips are made by peeling the skin off the breadfruit, slicing into chip size portions, sprinkling with seasonings, and deep frying the cut breadfruit until golden brown. Breadfruit chips are very popular and are often quick to go!