Is Abhishek Bachchan gay 2

I dont know much about Abhishek being gay. It is a rumour that Ashwaria cannot conceive a baby that is why few months ago she went to States alone perhaps for medical check up or any treatment. The news she gave to press on her return that she had been offered a role in a forthcoming film Taj Mahal to be produced in Hollywood in English. Of course it was a lie. You may remember immediately on return the couple went to Taj Mahal when Amar Singh (Chamcha) escorted them all along led them to Fateh Pur Sikri at the grave of Salim Chisti for a prayer to conceive a baby as King Akbar did. It is a common practice in India to go to these kind of shrines to have your wishes granted.

Whatever the truth is, it is giving me a suspecion that Abhishek could be gay; if it so, very soon we may hear the news of their split up. If so Jiya Bachan will be in the forefront with all the efforts for reconciliation which I am sure will be very difficult to succeed in this sort admission when you cannot discuss openly in front of your parents.