Is biology your favorite subject

Favorite Subject is one that you can enjoy without being bored. Every person has their own interest and its varies from person to person. My favorite subject is English. School is the foundation stone to create keen interest in English subject.  There is no doubt that English is used in every field of life and sector. With fluency in English, everyone can talk with anyone throughout the world. By learning English I tend to believe that I am able to cope various aspects of life. By learning English I can learn how to communicate with people in a better way.

Learning English is no doubt to improve my potential capabilities and also reduce reluctance to speak English as well as reduce my chaos and confusion. Learning English helps me to improve the quality of life and raises my standards of living. Since my childhood, I like to read books, magazines newspapers in English.I like to read moral and spiritual books in English. No doubt, English subject develops the inner and outer personality, as well as English books, enhances the curiosity and mental growth. I usually like to read books in the school library. There are lots of competitions held in my school related to English subject In Storytelling competitions I usually participated these competitions build my inner confidence to read more books.

I have learned a lot of skills in grammar as well as enhance my knowledge as well as improve my capabilities in English subjects during my school time. I feel good to study English subject at home as well as in college. By learning English I find positive changes in my life such as intelligence, wisdom, moral values and education. My tendency in this subject improved day by day and leads me in the direction of successful life. I have the keen interest in English subject so after completing my school I have selected elective English subject in my graduation and after that, I have completed my Post Graduation in English. So my favorite subject helps me in many ways.

There is a lot of sources these days to learn English. Now a day’s most of the websites is in the English Language. So it is easy for everyone to get a lot of information regarding these websites. So these websites are in the English language is the best way to update and polish with the latest information. Sometimes I I downloaded various eBooks and magazines from the internet that helps to improve my language skills in English. Most of the times I watch English Movies improve my communication skills.

English subject built a positive change in my life. After completing my post graduation I acquire expertise in English subject. There is a lot of illiteracy in society so in the evening time I took free of cost evening classes and give training to the students and helps them how to speak English in fluency and to train students in writing English properly. Learning English these days is the good step to improve the personal status and position in the society. So my favorite gives me an opportunity to remove illiteracy from the society.

English reading books improve my vocabulary and word power. It also enhances my skills in general knowledge. Reading books in English enhance the language skills and satisfies the curiosity on various things. I used to read the biographies and autobiographies of famous people and they get motivation from them.

My English teacher is very friendly and a lot of patience and did not get mad at me when I did not understand anything My English teacher has depth knowledge of the subject and good communication to teach well. I daily read a newspaper to know what is happening around our surroundings. I daily read a newspaper, as a result, my favorite subject English has totally changed my life. It helps me to connect with more people.

In Conclusion, English is useful to live in this modern world. So I like my favorite subject English. This subject helps in all activities.

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