Is India developing a stealth destroyer


Year: 2014
Ships-in-Class: 3
Named Ships: INS Kolkata (D63); INS Kochi (D64); INS Chenmai (D65)
Roles: Blue Water Operations; Fleet Support; Hunter; Direct-Attack;

Complement: 250
Length: 535 ft (163.07 m)
Width: 57 ft (17.37 m)
Height: 21 ft (6.40 m)
Displacement (Surface): 8,200 tons

Propulsion: COmbined Gas And Gas (COGAG): 2 x Zorya M63E gas turbines with 4 x DT-59 gas turbines (reversible) coupled to 2 x RG-54 gearboxes; 2 x Bergen/GRSE KVM diesel engines developing 9,900 horsepower each; 4 x Wartsila WCM-1000 generators; 2 x Cummins KTA50G3 engines; 2 x Shafts.

Speed (Surface): 32 kts (37 mph)
Range: 7,995 nm (9,200 miles; 14,806 km)

Operators: India

The modern Indian Navy surface fleet currently (2017) fields a collection of eleven active destroyer-type vessels. Among these are the Kolkata-class, the Delhi-class and the Rajput-class and these cover the 8,160, 6,835 and 5,510 ton range, respectively. The Kolkata-class is a group of three "stealth" guided-missile destroyers whose primary armament is, appropriately enough, missile-minded. Inherent stealth features, such as slab-siding and enclosed sections of the hull superstructure, help the vessel reduce the risk of being detected.

INS Kolkata (D63) makes up the lead ship of the Kolkata-class. Her keel was laid down in September of 2003 by Mazagon Dock Limited and the ship was launched on March 30th, 2006. However, the Indian Navy did not acquire the vessel until July 10th, 2014 leading to a much-delayed commissioning ceremony held on August 16th, 2014. The warship currently makes homeport out of Mumbai, has the hull identifier of "D63" and fights under the motto of "Always Prepared for Battle". She remains in active service as of this writing (December 2017).

The destroyer displaces 7,500 tons and has a length of 535 feet, a beam (width) measurement of 57 feet and a draught down to 21 feet. The crew is made up of 250 officer and enlisted-level personnel. The powerplant consists of a COmbined Gas And Gas (COGAG) arrangement involving paired gas turbines coupled to shared gearboxes allowing for various sets to be selected for drive power, and thus improve on fuel efficiency. The warship can make headway at just over 30 knots and reach out to 8,000 nautical miles (about 9,200 miles).

INS Kolkata carries the Thales LW-08 D-band air-search radar fit as well as a BEL HUMSA-NG bow-mounted sonar and BEL Nagin active towed sonar array.