Is politics good for students

  • No it will affect them

    Students shouldn't take part in politics because it will have a negative affect on them. They're still growing up, learning about the outside world and still in the stage of developing a character. In today's world politics is unstable. Students may join several groups looking for a way to change their lives without knowing the consequences. Therefore I conclude that students shouldn't participate.
    However they should be informed at all times and have the rights to express their views.

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  • Is the right stage?

    Students are immatured and don't have enough training to involve in politics. They are misguided. At this stage their mind is not ready to take correct decisions. They have the rights to express their views and opinions. Presently they should move towards making a strong nation. When they reach the right stage, They can participate in politics

  • Students should not

    Students still have not reached the level of mental maturity required to take responsible decisions for the country. They can easily get influenced by others especially their peers and can fall into bad practices like crime and corruption while taking part in politics for the country and thus destroying their own life.

  • Maturity and activism.

    It's definitely important to be politically active as you grow older and transition into adulthood, but it's important to remember that we have to make informed decisions whenever we vote or make any political statements in the future. 2018 is a sad year. We have Donald Trump as the president of the US, terrorist-like groups like antifa and nazis, we have students like us getting killed by other students with registered firearms, and my depression has really hit me hard this year. As the future, we need to take a step back and realize what kind of future we're building for ourselves and remove toxicity and assumptions from our lives, because we are too caught up in daily life and depression that it has become romanticized through internet culture and memes. It's ok. Memes are fun, but keep in mind we're still responsible for becoming informed and useful members of society.

  • No students should be a part of politics.

    The political maturity in our region is almost non existent. Raw minds of youth cannot understand the politics and the vested interests of corrupt politicians. Their focus should be on understanding politics first before they are allowed to participate in politics and become and active member of a political party.

  • Student should never join political party and take interest in politics

    I as a student think that taking part in politics is the wastage of time. Moreover, it will brainwash the mind of student in the evil jobs like greedy, corruption etc. the life of student is for learning not for making money. The river of education is deeper and interested as compare to the river of politician, which only dirt our character and whole life as well.

  • Big no no

    Stop dispensing favors that can only destroy your own image and the institution you represent. Personal interest should be dispensed with in favor of public welfare. Attending seminars as an excuse to visit loved ones in Manila or elsewhere is intellectual dishonesty of the highest order. You are not only cheating yourself but the people who are supporting our schools with their tax money. You should stop playing politics, dispensing favors to people and your organizations who are supportive of your personal interest and ambition.

  • Children deserve their youth

    I as a child, in school am given insights into the foreign idea of politics. This not only corrupts the so called youth's innocent mentallity, but also effects negatively the acceptance and learning. As well as this, because children are unable to fully grasp the conceptual difference between politics and EXTREMISM, it is easy for the naive mind to be swayed.

  • Is it necessary! Is it mandatory! Is it important!

    In my opinion students should not take part in the politics. Who will be the inventors? Who will be our rulers? Here the word rule is who develop us,but not rule us
    And also there are many people who have done many good things but they are not belongs to politics the person's such as Gandhiji,Ana hajarhe and many other persons
    And now a days corruption is a social disease running in our politics.
    As l student in kv Karimnagar in 9 std named sai tharun students should not take part in politics.