Is racism always bad

  • Racism is survival.

    Racism is applying pattern statistics and observations in order to increase our chances survival. Example: Black hooded male walking behind you late at night. Would you cross the street? Now compare that to an Asian with glasses. What threatens you more? Racism is a survival instinct, the same instinct that tells you not to put your hand in a fire.

  • Everyone is one, dont' deny it.

    Everyone states that racism is about white superiority as well as prejudice toward other races. Big surprise, your racist too. Whether your a Jew hating Muslim (like your precious Koran Says you should be 'Quran (5:59-60) ') or a French hating Englishman. In fact, if you were not prejudice, you wouldn't be able to learn and survive. Thank your ancestors for this precious gift. For example, if you are a young child and you played with fired and got burned, you just learned your first lesson about prejudice. Fire is bad if it burns you. But there are other issues with fire too, if you cannot control it, you can burn down your house, your family, your city. Fire is dangerous because either you, or others around you have either 1) Done the damage themselves and survived to learned from it or 2) Learned from other mistakes. So the point is that you as a person make correlations based on your environment and perhaps we are making our 'calls' based on the media or on another's misfortune. Whatever, the point is that it's better to have a false positive than a positive negative. Your ancestors lived because of it and you are born today because of it. So shut up about race and telling others they are racist! You are being completely hypocritical.

  • Racism is Irrelevant

    Racism is not a big issue in the US, as many think it is. There are many statistics that say, blacks especially are not as good at contributing good to society. (ex. Obesity rates, crime rates) However, blacks are put on the highest pedestal worlds above white, because whites are viewed as "racist." But blacks are all but canonized by society, yet they still wish they were oppressed so people would feel bad for them and they would have a reason to believe that white cops kill for racism, and republicans are racist because they didn't vote for black Obama. What I am saying is, there is no reason for this question because it isn't relevant in the US.

  • Black people are like 1 gene away from apes

    If we believe in evolution, black people are so obviously less evolved. It's that simple. They're literally still the color of gorillas. Their noses are halfway between a normal one and a gorilla. The only difference I see between the jungle and the south-side of Chicago is guns. I don't believe in slavery but not noting the physical resemblance is lying to yourself .

  • Racism hurts peoples feelings.

    As humans we all deserve to be treated the same, no matter who we are or where we come from. I am truly ashamed of how we treat people who are different. If you do racism ask your self now, I'm I doing the right thing? How would you feel if we all ganged up on you and started calling you names, would you like it, would you think it is fair? We are all the same, so what if we are different that what makes us unique. Just two or more people you are tearing this world apart.

  • Mixing the different Races leads to racial tensions.

    God made different countries for different races. Africa for the Black Races. South America for the Brown Races-Indians,Incas,Aztec, Mexicans etc. Asia for the Asians-Chinese,Japanese. Asia Minor for the Persians,Arabs. Europe for the Caucasians or the White Races.
    North America for the Indians originally and then the White Races.Australia for the Aborigines and then the White Races.
    Australia is an interesting example of acquired racial problems.
    Australia had a White Australia Policy until recently. Colored races could visit but not stay. Australians lived in peace and harmony until their racial policy was abolished. Now the Aussies have racial problems like the rest of the world.

  • Racism is not bad

    Alright, if you think of it this way, everyone is human, and some are just dumber than others, no big deal or anything. I think is okay to speak the truth, some Asians are smart while some blacks are dumb. So what? There are smart blacks and dumb white guys. The ones who say racism is wrong are just some people trying to be nice, well guess what, world ain't perfect and we gotta accept the way it is, you are probably not a racist, but are you a sexist? Are you a religious person? What do you think when some one says that you are bad because of who you are?

  • Racism is great (on the right amount)

    Take a look at Europe, a continent that once represented nobility and manners, is now drowning with goddamn arab and muslim pigs.And all of this is because one godman jackass thought that arab people and white people are equal to each other... Of course racism isnt always good, for examle, the holocaust was a mistake because not only that jewish people didnt damage europe, they made it better! The jewish people held very important positions on europe better than most europeans would! So, what i suggest is throwing all the arab and muslim scum out of europe to syria, and let them kill themselves!

  • Dictating what people should think is immoral.

    Branding something as "wrong" and "bad" is a great way to control the public and bully them into blindly agreeing with supposed general consensus. Everyone should be allowed to make up their own minds about political and social matters without feeling persecuted for their opinions, like what is currently happening in most Western European countries with people losing their jobs, their social status and so on over alleged racism, and the definition of "racism" is changing very rapidly - a couple of decades ago, racism was considered outright hating another group of people, yet in the early 21st century the term has slowly started to encompass even pointing out, not necessarily in a negative way, certain racial differences like skin colour or physique.

    I do not believe that racism is inherently wrong since xenophobia is part of humanity, whether we want it to be or not, and the immigrants from a non-European background haven't exactly done a lot to try and prove the naysayers wrong if you use recent events such as the London or Stockholm riots as a reference point.
    If you wanted to combat the "evils" of racism then you should be working on removing the source of the problem, not the reaction to it.

  • Utilitarian Ideals say no

    To start with we have to look at the world from a greatest good for the greatest number of people, and as much as I hate to say it but the people how contribute the most to present and past are clearly the quote on quote people of privilege. If the Asian people contributed the most to the world then they would be the top dogs. But, the fact that it is the white community as a ruling class isn't because of some imperialistic mind set. Its because through out history and today necessity the mother of invention has smiled upon them.