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Top 13 Extremely Profitable Blogging Niches for Beginners. Today, One of my friend asked question he is little bit confused on which blog niche he can start. Even, many of blogging for beginners are struggling for choosing right blog topic for those blogging career.

13 Profitable blogging niches for beginners

In this article i want to answer my friend & all blogging for beginners who are confused for selecting blog niche. I will share top 13 profitable blogging niches for beginners.

My first advice is to read this full article, understand and then take decision. Because, choosing your blog niche plays major role in your blogging journey. Even you can ask questions in comment box. So, you can get some proper guidance.

What is profitable niche or best niche for you?

Well, according to my past experience of event blogging and micro niche blogging; i must say, that one niche is best in which you are most educated, passionate and well skilled. Education & skills can be improved but passion will remain same in your life.

So, if you are aware with your education, skills and passion then, you will get the answer easily. But, wait; you’ve to understand the which type of audience you want to target. You have to research 5 to 10 keywords and its popularity.

If you found that your selected blog niche is very popular and you can bring more value to their life then, you can create a blog on that niche.

How to find profitable niche according to your passion, education & skill set?

Here are few questions you have to answer with yourself. If you get your all answer then, you will find your own blog niche you can start work with.

1. In which subject or topic you were most interested in your school days?
2. Which type of things you wanted to do every time in your real life & dreams?
3. Who is your favorite hero or thing you want to become like.
4. In college or higher studies; in which subject you’ve been so much talented or get higher rank?
5. Ask your friends, in which field you are great according to those observation.
6. Write down top 10 things, dreams, topics or subject you most like to do in your life. Then, refine it as a blog niche.

These are some questions you can ask yourself before starting your first blog. Blogging is a long journey. If you’re not passionate, educated or skilled then, you will lose your motivation & lack of content.

This is a basic guide to find your best suitable blog niche in which you have passion. But, i want to give you top 13 profitable blogging niches for beginners who can start with it. Make sure that you’ve good amount of knowledge in that blog niche.

So, let’s get started with top 13 profitable blogging niches for beginners.

1. Health & Fitness Blogs.

Well, you don’t have to cover all the topics in your blog. Many blogging for beginners starts health fitness blog and start writing all A to z topics in all categories. I does mean that, you have to select sub niche or micro niche in which you can write at least 300 blog post in your first year of blogging.

As a example, you can create a blog on eye health, hair health, six pack abs fitness, diabetes or any other micro topics in health & fitness section will be profitable for you.

Again i am telling you that, you must have good knowledge to share any type of information with your audience. Because, wrong information may lead more problems in your readers life. So, make sure that you have some education about the topic in which you’re writing.

2. Finance & Bookkeeping Tips Blogs.

Now a days, most of all new generation are getting consultation of finance experts to save those tax money and love to hire bookkeeping service. If you’re educated in finance & bookkeeping then, you can start writing about it.

Do you know if you’re thinking about making money with Google AdSense then, this topic pays you higher amount of CPC for your traffic. Just make sure that you have good amount of relevant posts about finance and bookkeeping. The higher cpc keyword density will leads you to get higher amount of CPC from Google AdSense.

3. Art & Graphic designing Blogs.

Well, this is another great blog niche which have high market & great exposer. In this blog niche you have to share all tips, tricks and tutorials about art and graphic design subject.

Also, you can create your YouTube channel and share your live tutorials. You can get good amount of traffic from YouTube videos. Also, this niche is very interesting because most of boys and girls love to do drawing and art work as a side business.

4. Money Management & Saving Blogs.

Well, who doesn’t want to manage those money? or who doesn’t want to save money in his life? Money management and saving is one of the top “profitable blogging niches for beginners”. You’ve to share all tips, helps and strategies for money management and money saving.

You can research, add your experience and deliver great content to your readers. You can get lots of ideas for this blog niche. You’ve to be creative and eager to learn new things in your blogging journey.

5. House cleaning blog niche.

Now a days, many of house wives and girls are searching for better option to get those house clean, safe and secure. You can write all important things about home cleaning and security. You can write review about many household products, share tips and help to get clean home.

This blog niche is dedicated to my all female readers but, boys can also write if you’ve passion or interest in house cleaning blog niche. This blog niche is profitable because, you will found good amount of products on house cleaning and improvement topics. So, AdSense advertisements can give you higher CPC for your blog.

6. Kids Gadgets & Education niche.

In modern generation most of kids are using technology gadgets to get life easier and entertaining. Well, those parents are also looking for which gadget is safe and secure fo those kids. So, why not write all about safe and educative tech gadget for modern kids. Indirectly you are going to help kids and those parents.

So, you will get adult and kids traffic. If you place google advertisements then, most of kids love to visit your adsense kids advertisements. So, your contextual advertisement revenue will be increased automatically.

7. Videography blog niche.

Do you love to shoot videos? do you have camera? Are you skilled about how to use smartphone camera to create a stunning videos? If yes; then, you can start sharing videography tips, helps and tutorials on your blog.

Most of new generation are shooting those life style, creating a video content and making video creation as a full time career. So, why not you can share your own experience or knowledge by creating videos and writing articles in your videography blog.

You can also create a blog that educate all people about how to turn your smartphone into professional videography. Share some basic and advance videography tips with your readers.

8. Business Management, Tips & Education Niche.

Many MBA students are struggling with getting perfect job in those interested subject. But, they are not aware with blogging career. Here they can spread those education with billions of internet surfers who love to read those business management articles, tips and education tutorials.

So, if you’re educated in business management then, you can create a blog on this topic. Make sure that you are ready to research new things and upcoming market and products in business improvement.

9. Educational Software Review Blog.

Their are thousands popular education software’s are available on internet. Why not you review it? First write review of free educational software’s on your blog. When you are finished with 50+ education software reviews then, you can ask for review copy from all paid educational software’s by sending emails. In that way you can get paid copy of educational software without fees.

You just have to write 5 to 10 articles on that education software and share those affiliate links on your blog. This is one of the profitable blogging niches for beginners. So, take this niche as a best blog niche if you are educational software lover.

10. Book review blogs.

If you’re passionate about reading eBooks and love to buy new books then, you can create your book review blog. Their are many website where you can read millions of books with small amount of monthly or annual fees. So, join amazon or other book reading applications & start writing book review on your blog.

Also, you can share top 10 list of books articles in your blog. People love to read valuable books which you’ve share most. Also, you will get good amount of income by sharing amazon affiliate links in your blog. If you are planning to use contextual advertising on your blog then, you will get good CPC on this blog niche.

11. Life Improvement & Motivation Niche.

Mostly all of us are seeking right direction to get our life in right path. By writing life improvement and motivational articles with proper keyword research will give you great blogging career.

You’ve to help all your readers to improve those lifestyle, habits, positive attitude and other life improvement tips. Also, you’ve to share all motivational stories, tips and how to be always motivated in any sadness or struggle.

So, people love to read your motivational and life improvement articles while you are sleeping. This is one of the highly profitable blogging niches for beginners.

12. Relationship Help blog niche.

You have your friends, girlfriend, family, wife and other mutual relations. Also, you have found many issues in your relationship. If you have good experience to maintain relationship then, start writing a blog for helping your readers to solve problems related to relationship.

Here, you can share tips, lists and all the advice to improve and solve relationship problems. You’ve to research the question answer sites which has good amount of relationship questions.

Also, read other relationship blogs and understand those advice. Share valuable feedback with your readers by writing great and informative article in your blog.

13. Sadness & Anxiety Blog Niche.

Do you know, Sadness and anxiety is a biggest problem human have. People are getting serious decease by adapting sadness and anxiety. If your well educated and eager to improve others life then, you can create a blog to help all sad and anxiety people.

Here, you can share solution, tips, motivational story, step by step guide, podcasts, case study and many more things with your content. Just make sure that you have to provide accurate and right solution on the topic you’ve selected.

Friends, these are the top 13 highly profitable blogging niches for beginners. If you’ve found value to this article then, don’t forget to write your thoughts in comment box. Thanks for reading these 13 most profitable blogging niches for beginners.