Is to have you both correct grammar

The unfortunate thing about correct usages “being taught” is that often the teacher is the one who is remiss.

In the south, you hear teachers all the time say “I seen that girl yesterday” or “I had saw that movie when I was a kid”.

In the California Dreamin’ classroom, you often hear the term “whateva” from the teachers. (They’re contending with a classroom full of disruptive students who’d rather be anywhere else, never mind the task of getting everyone to pay attention to grammar).

In Boston, I’ve heard “I gotta axe you this” and the teacher doesn’t address the mispronunciation of “ask”.

We have generations (yes, plural) of people who don’t give a flip flop about grammar or correct usage. Such an attitude is reflective of the same generations’ disrespect for themselves.

Generally, I’ve noticed a trend that students for whom English is not their first language speak far and away better English than those for whom English IS their first language.

Alas, I’m sad for those who will be left behind in life because they didn’t pay attention to the details of communication.

Amazon itself is paying attention to grammar and deleting e-books that don’t abide by good communication protocols.

The wheat from the chaff, as they say …..