Is Trastevere safe at night

Were I alone (I'm a woman), I would give myself the option for cabs or buses to get back to Trastevere after 10pm. In particular I would avoid routes that involved crossing the Tiber near the Vatican and talking the long walk from there and the Gianicolo to the Piazza Santa Maria.

On one of my first trips to Roma, a single female friend who lived in Trastevere first offered me her apartment, then found me a hotel in Trastevere, and she was super protective! I'd definitely rather be in Trastevere than near the Spanish Steps (which is, by the way, Roma's legendary pick up spot) because of the historic atmosphere. Trastevere, like all of the rest of Roma, has its good spots and more questionable spots. I wouldn't walk around some of its dead-end, ancient back streets after dark.

So I would be choosy about where I booked and what routes I took home at night. When you get down to picking a specific accommodations, post your choices here and on the Slow Travel website, and I'm sure you'll get great advice.