Were there any Greek Renaissance painters

Aristotle - Greek truth seeker who's perspectives on morality, aesthetics, good judgment, technological know-how and politics were influential until eventually the Renaissance. Hadrian - Emperor of Rome; followed a coverage of peace, construction border fortifications. also followed strict drill workouts for his armies. Pythagoras - Greek mathematician, created the sought after Pythagorean Theorem which states that "the sq. of the hypotenuse of a good triangle is an similar because the sum of the squares on the different 2 facets" Buddha - religious instructor and founding father of Buddhism, which now has round 250-500 million followers. Bouddica - Queen of the Iceni tribe who led a insurrection adverse to the Romans in Britain. Her eventual defeat secured Roman administration in the region. Hatshepsut - lady Pharaoh of Egypt, with a lengthy and rich (and non violent) reign. Ramses II - Male Pharaoh of Egypt, nicely-known for his protection stress prowess. by his skill on my own, kept Egypt unified in the course of his lengthy 66 twelve months reign. Hannibal - referred to as between the finished generals of heritage, he led a protection stress over the european Alps and into Italy itself, the position he develop right into a consistent probability, defeating countless Roman armies. Xerxes - Invaded Greece, which united them adverse to the straightforward enemy. Hippocrates - Greek well being care specialist, the daddy of present day drugs. Had many contributions to drugs, starting from the stern operating circumstances, and likewise develop into the first to call many ailments and well being circumstances. Confucius - chinese truth seeker who's works and teachings proceed to impact East Asian wondering to as we communicate. concentrated on morality, justice and social relationships (which incorporates between father and son). Cleopatra - the stunning Pharaoh of historic Egypt, starting up the Roman era even as she aligned first with Julius Caesar, then Mark Antony. the courting with Mark Antony further about his downfall, and Octavian's eventual triumph.