What animes are on FUNimation

Zombieland Saga follows along as a group of girls from various walks of life unite to form an idol group and save the Saga prefecture. Oh, and did we mention they’re all zombies, trying to hide their true forms?

Sakura Minamoto and the girls of Franchouchou might get up to plenty of crazy antics, but they also go on a surprisingly meaningful journey together. From the moment that Sakura first gets hit by a truck (yes, it does happen more than once), Zombieland Saga is full of unexpected moments, from the hilarity that Koutarou Tatsumi brings to the crisis that Sakura goes through upon remembering her past. Once again, the characters are what truly make this show worthwhile, in every silly, serious or singing interaction with one another. Each girl is developed well over the course of the series, allowing for more serious topics to encroach upon their funnier moments. We still have plenty of questions that need to be answered, but with FUNimation adding Zombieland Saga to their roster, we know we can re-watch the episodes at any time!