What are similarities between tennis and baseball

Overview. Racquets are instrumental in a variety of games, but the two most common of these games are tennis and racquetball. Although tennis has been around longer, racquetball has developed a following and is played with as much vigor as tennis.

Number of Players. Tennis and racquetball are normally played with two players, and on occasion four players will play in a doubles match. However, racquetball has an advantage over tennis because the court setup allows a three-player match to be played. This is not done in any official tournament form but the USA Racquetball Association recognizes a non-tournament three-player variant that they call "cut-throat." ISP Summer Tennis Camps

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Balls. Tennis balls and racquetballs are similar in size, with tennis balls being slightly larger. A tennis ball is 2-1/2 inches in diameter whereas a racquetball is 2 -/4 inches in diameter. The tennis ball weighs about 2 oz. compared to the 1.4 oz. racquetball. This difference of size and weight can be slightly attributed to the outer covering of the tennis ball. This ball is usually covered in yellow or white fabric while the racquetball has a rubber surface that comes in a variety of colors, but most commonly blue.

Rackets. Racket heads are similar in tennis and racquetball, but the length of the racket is different. According to the United States Tennis Association, no tennis racket is allowed to go beyond the length of 29 inches. In professional racquetball, the length can't exceed 22 inches.

Courts. The court setup is the main difference between tennis and racquetball. In tennis, the court is rectangular with a net dividing the middle. Lines are then drawn perpendicular to the ends of the net. Another line is divided equally between the two perpendicular line directly down the middle of the court on both sides of the court. The boxes that result are where the players serve the balls. These players stand on opposite sides of the net. Racquetball courts do not have nets. The court is a walled room and play incorporates all the walls, including the ceiling and back wall.

Scoring. Scoring is achieved in both games when the ball is not hit by the opposite player after the serve has bounced on the ground once. Small differences exist on precisely how a score is made in each game but both use a numbering system to keep track of who is winning. In racquetball, a game is played to 15 points with two games to a match. In tennis, the game can volley back and forth until one player reaches four points with a margin of two to win a game and a set. A match is played in a best of three or best of five format.