What are some cool JavaScript hacks


Are you ready to learn some hacking? If yes, here are the 3 cool javascript tricks that you can try out now. To perform the hack, you need to copy and paste the javascript code on the address bar of your web browser. Make sure you clear the address bar first before pasting. Once paste, hit Enter.

Javascript Hack 1 : Edit Any Webpage

The code :

Now, you can edit any webpage that you like. See how my blog became the best tech blog on the net.

Javascript Hack 2 : Make Image Dance

The code :

Look at the screenshot, see the Firefox wallpapers dancing on Google Image’s search page.

Javascript Hack 3 : Reveal Passwords Under Asterisks

The code :

Without using any software, you can reveal your password hidden under the asterisks on your browser with this javascript hack. After pasting the code, a dialog box will prompt and reveal your password. Example as shown in the screenshot below.


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