What are some leg piece tattoo designs

When it comes to men’s leg tattoos, it’s more than often, a balancing act to keep a manly appearance.

Some view them as feminine, other gentlemen disagree and just admire the good artwork. Yet no matter how you look at them, one thing is true: Skin is skin, and at the end of the day, it’s all tattoo canvas.

Now, if you want to take leg day up a notch, I’m going to show you the top 75 best leg tattoos for men. From knee and ankle ideas, to full sleeves that look astonishing when walking down the street. Chances are you’ll have plenty of fresh ideas and designs to work with.

But before you hit the tattoo shop, understand the pain and processed involved with legs. Unlike other parts of the body, gravity can really take its toll on your legs. Your legs will swell up, while your ankles will turn bright red like a lobster. If you’re standing on your feet for over 10 hours a day, virtually anything below the knee is going to be irritated and uncomfortable.

Even when taking it easy you’ll experience a surprise in the morning as you wake up and blood rushes down to your feet. What better way to stay the day than a burst of pain and agony?

To help circulation drink water and keep your legs elevated. The healing process tends to take significantly more time on average than other areas, but it does vary among men.


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