What can you learn from one piece

My sixth and last lesson I'll be going over is "no one should be discriminated against". In One Piece, this topic has been seen a few times. Once near the beginning, during the Arlong Park Arc and later on during the most current episodes of the Fishman Island Arc. Hopefully, this topic while only be a reassurance for your own feelings about it. 

Near the beginning of One Piece, the subject of race superiority came up in the form of Fishmen and Humans. A group of fishmen pirates, known as the Arlong pirates who had taken over a few islands and declared their dominancy over all humans. He believe that just because he was a certain race, he was better than all other races. Later on, on the island of Shabaody Archipelago, the Straw Hats learned that on that island, Fishmen were hugely discriminated against by humans. Even on Fishman Island, which was striving to live alongside humans; it was looked down upon to share blood with humans. Anyone who did, would be killed by his fellow fishmen in the dead of night. 

Even when surrounded by such dark things as this, Luffy remains pure and only acts on the purest of intent. He beat up Arlong not because of his race, but because he had hurt one of his friends and made her cry. He beat up the Celestial Dragon who shot his friend whose a Fishman not because of racial reasons, but because they had hurt a friend of his. He even beat up the mastermind behind a Coup d'etat, not because he was a Fishman, but because he didn't want him to hurt his friends or that island. 

He hasn't just beaten up racism, but he's also been apart of the first step to bridge the gap. When he needed a blood transfusion to save his life after saving the island, he ended up getting blood from a Fishman pirate who was his friend. Those two, through their friendship gave hope to others that they could be equals with humans and that they should look to the future for their children. They took the first step towards tearing down the old ways and the ushering in of the new.

I hope you were reassured (and those of you who maybe learned something new) that racism is something that should be utterly beat down. We are all equal and deserve to be. Some might try to turn you from the right path, but hold this knowledge in your heart that all races are equal.

This fits in to my project theme, because it is an observation of how everyone should view life and accept it. This topic is for showing that equality is something that should be absolute. And if there is still inequality of race in the world, then it should be looked down upon.