What causes veiny eyelids

Spider veins are thin, irregular red or purple veins and capillaries seen on the surface of skin anywhere on the body. They appear similar to spider web; hence they are called spider veins. In medical parlance they are also known as talengectasia.

Spider veins are harmless, but they are often a cause of cosmetic concern especially when they appear on face and eyelids. Women always are more annoyed when spider veins appear on their face and eyelids for cosmetic reasons. Old age, familial trait, overexposure to sun, excessive straining of eyes, insomnia are few causes that may contribute spider vein on eyelids.

What Causes Spider Veins On Eyelids?

The skin over your eyelids is most delicate and fragile than anywhere else on your body. Since the skin is very thin under and over the eyelids, it is prone to get damaged easily. Therefore spider veins are more noticeable on eyelids earlier in life than on legs and thighs.

The thin veins are easy to bulge and get enlarged due to venous deficiency. The blood in veins flow back instead of moving forward and this builds up pressure on the walls of veins and capillaries. High blood pressure, inflammation of eyelid as a result of some damage can make the veins obvious and bulged.

Rubbing your face and eyelids too harshly can break the fragile capillaries of eyelids.

Aging process can take its toll on every organ of the body. With aging the skin becomes thinner and the veins over eyelids become prominent.

Living an unhealthy lifestyle may be one of the reasons for early appearance of spider veins especially around the eyes. Excessive stress to the eyes such as reading in dim light, or working on a computer for long time can trigger and make the veins more noticeable. If you suffering from insomnia the risk of spider veins on your eyelids in far more than if you are having sound 7 to 8 hour sleep.

Though sunlight is needed for health and well being of a person, overexposure to sunlight can damage the skin. Since eyelids and face remain unprotected and uncovered area, the skin is prone for more damage than other body areas.

Laser Therapy & Natural Remedies For Spider Veins

Spider veins on eyelids are not easy to treat. Often it may need laser therapy or electrocautery to diminish their appearance. However, since the area to be treated involves or is near the eye, much care is needed to protect the eyes from any damage caused during the procedure.

The cosmetic surgeon uses an eye shield to prevent penetration of laser into the eyes. Laser therapy is effective in treating tiny spider veins without any discomfort, however for larger veins doctors use it with caution as there is risk of damaging the eye.

Fortunately, natural remedies are also able to diminish the spider veins on eyelids without any untoward side effects.

  • Horse chestnut is effective in diminishing spider veins. It is mainly because of its anti inflammatory properties. Besides, it also helps to improve the circulation of blood in capillaries and tiny veins above the eyelids. If taken regularly it can reduce talengectasia on face and eyelids.
  • A healthy diet consisting of vegetables and fruits is beneficial as the vitamins and minerals present in them can strengthen the veins and encourage proper circulation.
  • Bilberry is renowned for its beneficial properties in strengthening your eyes. It helps the walls of capillaries to become strong, consequently there is no back flow of blood and thus the veins become less noticeable.