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Japan's Favorite Countries

        posted by John Spacey, September 22, 2012

Sometimes it feels like Japanese tourists are everywhere. Japanese people have a passion for travel. The Japanese are known as polite travelers. They are also known to travel to virtually every corner of the World — but where do they go the most?The Japanese Ministry of Justice keeps exact statistics. Every time someone leaves Japan it's recorded and reported. In 2011, a total of 16,994,200 Japanese people (Japanese passport) traveled here's where they went:

1. China ~ 3,658,300

Most travel to China from Japan is business related.(Shanghai Maglev Train)

2. Korea ~ 3,289,051

(Japanese Musicians in Seoul)

3. United States ~ 3,249,659 (A total of 1,176,546 people traveled to Hawaii alone.)

(Aloha Spirit ~ a popular hand gesture in Hawaii)

4. Italy ~ 2,593,846

5. France ~ 2,386,000

(A 2011 Tohoku Tsunami fundraising event in Paris)

6. Hong Kong ~ 1,283,687

7. Taiwan ~ 1,282,000

8. Germany ~ 1,177,352

9. Thailand ~ 1,144,709

10. Spain ~ 1,027,283

11.Guam (territory of the United States) ~ 824,005

More Japanese tourists travel to the tiny island of Guam than Australia (332,653), United Kingdom (220,000) and Canada(211,060) combined.

12. Singapore ~ 656,406

Japan has a trade deficit in travel. In 2011, a total of 6,218,747 people visited Japan from abroad. This was a drop of 27.8% due to the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.
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