What do Kazakhstanis look like

First of all, Kazakhstan is a multinational country. There are more than 120 ethnic groups which lives in Kazakhstan.

Most of Kazakh people are asians, looks as koreans, chineses, mongolians and japaneses. However you can see white skinned kazakhs looks like russians with a blue eyes and blonde hairs and even black skinned kazakhs like africans or indians.

So don't be surprised when you will meet someone from Kazakhstan and it will looks like chinese or opposite like scandinavians.

This is a good example: Before When I was schoolchild I had surprised as well when I met french guys similar to arabs and african people. After that I understood that it was consequence of colonization.

So we have the same situation. Russians conquered us hundreds years ago and we had also impact from China and Mongolia of course.

My american collegue misunderstood, he asked: you are kazakhs looks like koreans, believe in Islam and talk in european language (russian)^^

Hope I answered your question.

Sorry for my english:)

Source(s): Im from Kazakhstan