What do you think about Indonesian people

Singapore, GIVNews.com – Indonesia is home, the motherland, the native country that we hold so near and dear. It is the place wherein lie our roots, our people, whom we associate and resonate with. We have our favorite hangout spots, places we enjoy visiting, the ones we’d like to explore and the ones that hold all the best memories.

Yet the truth is that not only us Indonesians, but also every other individual on this planet – all of them must have similar sentiments when it comes to the country they belong to. In a quest to find out what the general perspective of Indonesia is, we asked everyone that we could reach out to ask them the same question: What do you think of Indonesia as a country?

From stunning descriptions of various Indonesian tourist spots that some had frequented, to comments that made us want to roll our eyes and shake our heads, the responses we got ranged from remarkably ingenious to downright ridiculous.

In no particular order, here we present the top five common answers, for your reading pleasure.  Read, laugh and be entertained!

#1 –  Based on my memory…

As an American, it astonishes me that I’ve never actually met someone from Indonesia- as far as I’m aware. What I do know about the country though is that it’s a stunning collection of thousands of islands, with more than a little corrupt government and really fast taxis. Someone said they might even be the fastest in the world, is that true?”

Now, it would be unjust to say that our government is very corrupted. Yes, there’s a great potential for improvement, but we’re a developing country and hey, things are getting better!  As for the taxis – we think you’re referring to the Blue Bird Taxis – if you are, we can confirm that they are indeed pretty awesome!

#2 – Google knows it all

Indonesia – well statistically speaking, it’s the fourth most populous nation of the world. There are almost 300 ethnic groups in the country due to the unique geography and history. It is quite possibly the country with the richest culture in the world. Indonesia is also a part of the Pacific Rim ‘Ring of Fire’ with some 400 volcanoes – very many of which are active. Oh and Indonesia is also the biggest exporter of frogs’ legs to France. These are some of the fun facts I could pick off of a quick Google search, is that enough or should I continue?

No my dear Monsieur, that is quite enough. Also, we could’ve done without the frogs’ legs fact.

#3 – I think it’s in some movies

Oh! Indonesia – stunning beaches, pretty people and insanely romantic, isn’t it? I learnt a lot about Indonesia when I watched ‘Eat, Pray, Love’”

Well well! We’d like to take the opportunity to thank Ms Elizabeth Gilbert for portraying the motherland in such a wonderful way, and Ms Julia Roberts for doing such a fine job in the movie.

#4 I know it is wonderful but I have never been there

Considering it’s a fellow, predominantly Muslim country, it’s a little weird that I haven’t visited it yet – especially because I make it a point to go on vacation only in Muslim countries to save me from the trouble of pondering of ‘to eat or not to eat’. Nevertheless my uncle went last year on a business trip to Jakarta and he was pretty taken aback by just how crowded and loud the city was. I’m probably gonna visit sometime soon though; maybe next year.  Do you have any recommendation?”

Now this is someone who really takes his food seriously, doesn’t he? From dawn till dusk, Jakarta is a bustling city, no doubt about it. If you’re aiming for a relaxing vacation though, it would make more sense to chill at one of the tourist islands rather than venture in the city. We love Lombok Island with its gorgeous beaches, for example – you should visit it!

We were saving the best for last, now without further ado, we present:

#5 – Totally clueless

Indonesia? Oh! You mean the place in Bali right?”

Now, what do YOU readers think of Indonesia?