What fuel is used in fighter planes

Minimum 120 Octane By 1944 it was 150 for the P51 with Rolls Royce Engine

130 Grade 150 Grade

Spitfire IX 335 mph 358 mph +25 lb

Spitfire XIV 359 mph 366 mph +21 lb

Tempest V 372 mph 386 mph +11 lb

Mustang III (V-1650-3) 360 mph 390 mph +25 lb

Mosquito NF. Mk. XIX 363 mph +25 lb

By 1943 Standard Oil was Producing 100% of the Luftwaffe Fuel from Coal Synthetic 150 Octane

the Higher poundage in a Supercharger the Higher Octane 11 psi = about 120

the USSR during WW2 could only Produce 110 for the RAF spitfires so RR developed a catalytic Booster

The Rolls Royce Merlin of WW2 fame is often quoted in sales literature,( usually involving tin pellets...) to say that on the Russian Front in WW2, the fuel was so bad tin pellets were used to increase the octane rating.

The Broquet catalyst was first seen during WWII when it was claimed to enable lower grade Russian fuel to be used in the Spitfire's Merlin engines