What is a non coherent source


[ koh-heer-uh nt, -her- ]

/ koʊˈhɪər ənt, -ˈhɛr- /


logically connected; consistent: a coherent argument.

having a natural or due agreement of parts; harmonious: a coherent design.

cohering; sticking together: a coherent mass of sticky candies.

Physics, Optics. of or relating to waves that maintain a fixed phase relationship, as in coherent light, or light in which the electromagnetic waves maintain a fixed and predictable phase relationship with each other over a period of time.See also laser.

Words nearby coherent

cohen, cohenite, cohere, coherence, coherence theory, coherent, coherent control, coherent light, coherer, cohesion, cohesionless soil

Origin of coherent

1570–80; < Medieval Latincohērent-, variant of Latincohaerent- (stem of cohaerēns), present participle of cohaerēre. See cohere, -ent


co·her·ent·ly, adverbnon·co·her·ent, adjectivenon·co·her·ent·ly, adverb

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British Dictionary definitions for non-coherent



capable of logical and consistent speech, thought, etc

logical; consistent and orderly

cohering or sticking together

physics(of two or more waves) having the same phase or a fixed phase differencecoherent light

(of a system of units) consisting only of units the quotient or product of any two of which yield the unit of the resultant quantity

Derived forms of coherent

coherently, adverb

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