What is an amiable disposition

Alfred University - okay let's read together it says this and Saul said to David you are not able to go against this Philistine to fight with him for you are a youth and he a man of war from his youth I'm gonna stop every verse so forgive me people around you . Will always find a reason for you not to do what God said you can do people around you . Will always see a reason for you not to do what God says you can do and if your motivation is based on having a cheer section you may never accomplish all that God has for you because what God has for you the Bible says no eye has seen no ear has heard no mind can conceive somebody said keep reading verse 34 here we go but David said to Saul your servant used to keep his father's sheep and when a lion or a bear came and took a lamb out of the flock I went out after it and struck it and delivered the lamb from its mouth and when it arose against me I caught it by its spirit and struck it and killed it your servant has killed both the lion and the bear and this uncircumcised Philistine . Will be like one of them seeing he has defied the armies of the Living God moreover David said the Lord who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear he . Will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine is there anybody in here who this isn't your first fight this isn't your first storm this isn't the first time you faced some adversity you've seen God deliver you before I just wonder there are about five people in this room that you can testify but God has delivered me from what looked like an impossible situation the doctor said three months and God said 15 years the doctor said I could not have children and they are currently driving me nuts is there anybody in here that knows that God can bring a victory and if he's done it in the past he . Will do it in the future this sounds like y'all are gonna make me work today but I'm up for it and salsa - David go and the Lord be with you this all Club David with his armor and he put a bronze helmet on his head he also clothed him with a coat of mail David fastened the sword to his armor and tried to walk for he had not tested them and David said to soul I cannot walk with these for I have not tested them so David took them off look at somebody next you tell them take it off take it off take it off take it off take it off take it off take it off father God we're grateful God for your presence in this place God your grace and so overwhelms us the fact that we could come and gather and worship you and you actually show up god only did you show up but she showed up to speak to us to transform our lives to make us who you've always wanted us to be so God we're here our ears are open our hearts are attentive to what you have to say in the mighty name of Jesus we pray amen and a name every sit-down high-five - people tell them I am anointed come on tell somebody tell somebody tell somebody tell somebody tell somebody I am I am I am anointed we started a series last week called crushed to life there's something about us as humans and I don't think it's a wrong thing even though sometimes we don't use it properly but there's something about us that we do not like pain we try to avoid pain at all costs now there's different people that connects with stand different levels of pain some of you emotional pain is no big deal at all you've been through storms you've been through battles you know kind of how to encourage yourself and move forward but physical pain you can't just stand I'm one of those people that I can deal with this storm I just can't deal with a needle we were going overseas last year and they were telling me all the shots that I had to take to go and I said you know what I don't want to go anymore what I was going wasn't even important even like the people I was going to see that is perfectly okay I . Will stay right here I just don't really care for physical pain now others of you physical pain is nothing whatsoever but it's emotional pain that wipes you out one of the things that I've discovered is even though God and you got to hear me God does not cause pain in our lives the Bible says it is impossible for God to be tempted by evil nor to send evil God doesn't cause pain in our lives but he does use pain for our good he uses pain to develop an anointing in us that I hate to tell you this but you . Will never be able to tap into all that God has for you without a little bit of adversity we were talking last week about my trip to Israel one of the most significant stops we took was in the Garden of Gethsemane the Bible says that this was the Olive Garden where jesus prayed his last night before the crucifixion he prayed father let this cup pass from me from me can I translate that for you in the original Stephen it's I wanna do this I really don't want to do this but he said nevertheless it's not my . Will God but it's your . Will that be done what if we began to live a life that wasn't based on what we wanted to do god I do not want to apologize to this person but it's not about me god I don't want to show love to my enemies but God it's not about me nevertheless not my . Will but your . Will be done by the way and this is just off track but we'll just go here the Bible says that you're not going to be a very good Christian until you learn to die to yourself die to your own plans and your own ambition so that you can live to God's plan that he has for you somebody say Amen even though you like it so we're in this Olive Garden and Jesus is literally being crushed under the weight of our sins the Bible says he was under so much pressure literally carrying my mistakes and your mistakes that he was physically leading from his poor is that he was sweating drops of blood such was the weight of discouragement in guilt and shame and sin of us all that he was carrying in that moment it signifies the crushing of Olives or sometimes the crushing of the weight of life that actually produces valuable things in us they said that they would take those olives off of the tree and they would crush them once and that first oil was used as incense for worship unto God they were crushed as olive the second time and that second amount of oil would be used to bake bread and food to be able to nourish and then the third time they would crush that oil it would actually be used as like four lanterns and it would be a warning to ships out to sea and light in the darkness there's actually a blessing on the other side of your crushing if you don't quit if you don't give up if you don't throw in the cow like Jobe said if you would just not curse God I am Telling You there is a blessing on the other side of the crushing that your experience there is a promise that is waiting for you III preach this but it's not just a message it's just my life I mentioned before about five years ago my mom passed away and I'll tell you this I would not worship that wish that on my worst enemy if you've ever had a loved one past especially someone as their significant as a parent it it's as if you got punched in the stomach but I tell you I am such a better pastor have gone through that situation than I was before I'm so much more compassionate I'm so much more understanding of the pain that life brings every single person I'm so more sensitive to the presence of God I have such a greater understanding of when I was very weak that's when his strength was made perfect in my weakness listen to me you may not like the storm that you're going through right now but I promise you it is required to work out for your good pain properly processed produces power in our lives pain keyword if you're writing this down you have a better chance to get in heaven if you write this down so I'd write this down and when you write it down because you want to go to heaven underline the words properly processed there's nothing great about pain don't become a crazy person going looking for pain it . Will come and find you you don't have to go looking for it it's not the pain that brings the value it's properly processing that pain I've discovered that people process pain differently some people process pain by not dealing with it at all just ignoring it pretending like that did not break your heart pretending like it was not a big situation pretending like it was no big deal some people process pain by just picking up and just continuing on with their mission and completely ignoring the tragedy or the storm or the set bet that they discovered I've discovered that contrary to what we've been told time heals nothing you know people say time heals all wounds that's because you've never talked to a medical doctor we have some doctors and some nurses in this church go ask one of them what happens if I break my leg and I just let time heal it are you kidding me what happens if I have an open wound and I allow time to heal it well wherever that . Will the wound is you just go ahead and get ready to amputate that appendage because time heals nothing time actually just makes it worse some people process their pain by blaming other people you go through life literally if that person hadn't if they did if this wasn't the situation if it is what I've discovered it very may well be that that person is the source of your pain the problem is they are not the source of your solution and if you only focus on the source of your pain you . Will never be able to see that pain turned into a promise you . Will know get a victory from it because you've only decided to stay in it focusing on other people's faults is not going to make anything more powerful in your life somebody say that's tight but it's right so some people process their pain by making it their motivation one of the things that irritates me the most is this whole hater idea this idea of let your haters be your motivators let your haters be your elevators to your next level in God let your hate let your haters be your haters and ignore them here's why if your pain becomes your motivation or your fuel you know what happens to fuel you put it in a car and it's burned and eventually it runs out and the only way you . Will continue to drive that car Oh is if you go find more of that fuel but your fuel is your pain so the exact thing that you hate actually become something that you're dependent upon so you end up looking for drama and looking for people to reject you and looking for problems and looking for issues because you have motivated yourself on something that's destructive don't use your pain for motivation there is only one place where pain is processed into power we were in Israel we were in this garden our tour guide said that they have a special place where they crushed olives and turn it into olive oil and incense and all these different perfumes it was often very near if not actually in the garden because they did not want to carry these olives very far it would normally be a cave and and and they would spend time and time and time Exene a space out in that cave and then inside the cave they'd be a large basin with this millstone and they would drop the olives in the Millstone it was dim and dampened and they took us into this cave and they showed us how those olives were crushed but not just randomly crushed but there was this actual funnel system where not one drop of that priceless olive oil dropped to the ground void but it all was caught in a basin to be used for the purpose it was designed for the only place that you can take your pain and turn it into a promise and power is the presence of God the only place where my weakness is turned into strength where my disappointments are turned into hope where my insecurities are turned into confidence the only place where I can trade in my sorrow and receive a garment of praise is in the house of God and I've discovered that house of God cannot necessarily be 7 days away but I have to learn how to turn my closet into the house of God I have to learn how to turn my car into the house of God I have to learn how to turn every situation and circumstance in to the temple of the Most High God I remember when I was growing up my mom she would go up in her room and she would close the door and that was a sign to us don't you dare knock on this door my mom was like look I made you and I can make another one so do not tempt me and she would go into her room and I would hear her singing and crying and worshiping unto God and I would hear her pouring her pain out in his presence and when she walked out of that room she would walk out in joy she would walk out and resolve I don't know what took place in that room but I know there was a supernatural exchange because she knew where to go to turn what the enemy intended for evil and to the most powerful thing God ever intended for us to have no wonder when David faced Goliath he wasn't intimidated because the Bible tells us for years and years and years the entire reason we have over 1/3 of the Book of Psalms is because David would pour his pain out in words of worship and song unto God God I look to the hills from whence cometh my help my help comes from the Lord the maker of heaven and earth when his army turned on him and took the side of his son Epsilon he wrote God some trust in chariots and some trust in horses but God I trust in the all-mighty God because he poured out the circumstances that he was facing he understood that my strength doesn't come from what other people think it comes from my strength comes from the presence and the power of God oh how dangerous you would be if you knew how to get into God's presence and allow him to put a power and anointing on your life that Clorox couldn't rub off you know sometimes we get confused with why we sing in church I have issues you guys know this by now we'll go out to restaurants and we'll bring the appetizers out and I'll just start diving in I went out with a couple with our church that's worried about four years ago and you know they go out with the pastor and yeah kind of a big deal to go with the pastor so we're out there and they bring the appetizer and I was I was on my best behavior because everybody thinks I'm a pastor and I am a pastor but I'm more like pastor than a pastor so but I tried they want me to be pastor so I was pastor tonight and and I was on my P's and Q's I I chew with my mouth open I said thank you I was ready I was ready so the appetizers came out and and and and I offered everybody at the table I didn't eat first I said would you like some oh go ahead no no girl baby girl would you like some and I cut my wife's bread I was just on my best behavior and I think I've covered it I didn't eat first off the appetizers good and it was it was it was one of my Italian restaurants I really really liked that was really hungry so I offered everybody idea was supposed to do so I started eating and when I eat I I don't I don't talk is this not a games not a joke this is serious business head down I'm focused I am meditating on the good thing that the Lord has given me so I'm eating the appetizer and I just sense all these eyeballs on me I felt like people are watching you you know you just feel that they're watching you and I I kind of come up and I look around and nobody else is eating and I said what's what's wrong and the couple that looked at me as they said pastor with all the sarcasm in their voice pastor do you want to pray over the meal now some of y'all going to think I'm a heathen listen this is just me and y'all ain't gonna change me because I haven't found in the Bible I don't pray over appetizers am I the only one I didn't come for an appetizer I came for the real meal so when they bring my steak out I . Will pray over the steak but I'm not praying over these little fried macaroni balls cuz I ain't come for these fries macaroni balls I'm waiting for the main entree some of us we have that mindset with Church that the message is the main entree and that the worship the music it's just kind of a prerequisite to get your palette wet for the word of God that's coming from the monde of God and all that foolish just let me tell you right now you did not come to this house to hear a word from me you came to this house for an encounter with God and it does not start when the message starts it starts when two or three are gathered in this place because he said wherever you are that's where I . Will be and I'm telling you when that music starts and you lift those holy hands unto God burdens begin to draft off of your shoulder darkness begins to drop off of your heart and he begins to strengthen you there's power that takes place in the presence of God there's a supernatural exchange that takes place in the presence of God the only problem is sometimes we don't understand what David understood they went and they tried to put Saul's armor on David and David understood that God can't bless Who I pretend to be I didn't grow up with this armor I wasn't trained in this armor and God did not anoint this armor so if I go into that battle with something that God did not make me to be I cannot guarantee my victory because my victory is not based on this bronze helmet or this big sword you have next to me my power is based on the Living God who delivered me from the lion and the bear so I know you think that I can't make it but I can't go in with this armor here's the problem we go into God's presence wearing a facade that he did not put on us and gods confused he's saying Who am I blessing who you are or who you pretend to be well look one of my greatest memories of my mom my mom was she was a soccer mom down to the big minivan and kids picked up everywhere I was a soccer kid all my siblings played soccer and my mother loved soccer I hate to say this but she was one of those moms you know those moms the moms that you hear them before you see them at the game my mom would go home hoarse she would yell so loud and she wasn't a hostile mom she wouldn't yell at the other team or she wouldn't yell at the refs she would just cheer until her lungs were done she was so loud my dad would not sit next to her because he was embarrassed anybody even knowing that he was connected to her she would not only when my mom screamed for me but my mom had the gift of encouragement and she didn't know how to leave her gift that church so she would just bring it under the soccer field with her so she would pick I hate to say this but the most uncoordinated child on the entire team you know that kid that has two left feet and he probably should not be playing soccer try baseball bruh cuz this is not the sport for you and she was sad oh no Johnny nobody's sharing for Johnny I'm gonna cheer for Johnny and she would scream every time the ball was within 50 feet of Johnny kick it Johnny kick it to the point Johnny's mom was embarrassed because this woman was screaming for chutney more than she was I mean she would literally yell and shout sometimes she would run up and down the sidelines as if she was in the game it's like mom chill out one of the games I remember in particular was a championship game we had battled the entire year to get to this game and it was zero zero with three minutes left on the clock I say this with all humility but I was the best player on the team you know it's just a fact of life I just gotta tell you like it is we're in church I was the best player on the team they they actually had me in in goal I played goalie if you you're not a soccer person it's the person that's on the last line of defense to the one that is standing in front of the net the only person on the field allowed to use their hands and and I if you've ever been a little league soccer you understand the goalie doesn't get much action the ball doesn't make it down there very often they're usually in the middle of the field kicking each other shins and all that stuff and I'm sitting in the goal and as the best player on the team I'm getting frustrated because I'm like man if I was out there on the field I would have scored by now we would have been up ten to zero this whole deal would have been over and I would have had my orange slices on the side of the line like like what's going on here I looked at my coach four or five times throughout the game as like hey put me in the game put me in the game I want to go play I don't want to be goalie and here's what's his mindset I need you to stay where you are to protect us from losing and let everybody else worry about helping us win the only problem is I didn't want to be in that goal and nobody wanted me in the goal all the parents in the stands were saying why is he in the goal why is he in the go get him out of the goal so in my humility with about three minutes left in the game I said enough of this and enough of that coach I took off my goalie jersey took off my goalie gloves handed it to the closest kid next to me and I said bruh you're in I said coach . Will do with this after the game and I ran out to save the day and to win this for my team he didn't know what he was doing I'd love to tell you man it was the best my life within two minutes the other team had scored we lost game over so often when the game of life is not going at the pace we feel like it should go we get frustrated with the position the coach has placed us in and we say God let me go and do this I should be here by now I should be here by now I should be doing this I should be doing that and we get frustrated not only do we get frustrated there are people in the stands of our life that are chirping in our ears telling us you're the best person on the field you should have been done gone and started that business by the end you should have had that promotion you should have brought that album out you should have done this you should have done that and after a while we get so frustrated waiting on God that we remove ourselves from the position that he placed us in actually take off the jersey that he gave us and get ourselves out of position not understanding that the anointing of God doesn't necessarily hit a person but it hits a location the Bible says in Psalm 103 how beautiful it is when Brethren's come together in unity it is the anointing of God that comes down as if from the crown of Aaron's head down the beard to the hem of His garment I don't know what part of that verse I'm in and my Aaron's beard I've been growing this for three years so maybe beards is my deal I don't know I don't know if I'm the hem of His garment I don't know where I fit I just know if I'm not where God placed me when the oil starts flowing I'm gonna miss it I'm gonna be out of position so today I don't want to tell you to go into God's presence today I want to tell you that you need to be authentic in God's presence three thoughts three things I want to give you the first thing is this let god cover you let God cover you have you ever been around somebody that intimidates you I don't know what what career or vocation you're in but all of us have that person where they are the chief surgeon in our region or the chief financial planner or a real estate agent or whatever it may be I I'm in the pastures world so there's just certain pastures that when I get around them I get intimidated there's one pasture it's actually my pasture he he pastures the second largest church in America he is taking me on encourages me loves me and all that other good stuff I've been around him for years and it does not matter every time I get around him I still get tongue-tied I'm still like I don't want to say anything dumb I don't know if I tell that joke and he doesn't think that joke is funny then it's gonna be really really bad and I'm just like oh I'm just gonna sit here and be quiet and I find so often we're like that in God's presence III don't know quite the right thing to say and I don't want to say the wrong thing so I'm just gonna kind of just sit back and kind of just let God do what he does I don't even know what it means to be in his presence so I'm just gonna try to chill out and just kind of watch what happens that's what happened with Adam and Eve after they sin in Genesis chapter 3 verse 8 it says this and they heard the sound of the Lord walking in the garden in the cool of the day and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord the Lord God among the trees of the garden then the Lord God called to Adam and he said to him Adam where are you by the way just just just for the fun of it if God ever asks a question it's not because he doesn't know the answer please understand God was not like Adam I don't know where you are can you help me out here didn't know he understood where Adam was he asked Adam where he was because Adam did not understand where he was Adam said got him hiding that's his hiding you've never done that before why are you hiding he didn't say I'm hiding because I sinned he said I'm hiding because I'm naked he has a very interesting response if God is coming to Adam and and he said Adam where are you Adam says Heidi why are you hiding send a hind cuz I'm naked that's the new international Steven translation naked if I was God I said not even I naked your little sinning little you hiding cuz he ate that mango and I told you not to eat the mango tastes good DNA but I told you not to eat them and here's was God's response I was that I'm hiding because I'm naked God said who told you that who told you you were naked can we have a little bit of fun when God made Adam he made it with no clothes Adam the Bible says that they were naked and unashamed Adam did not become naked when he sinned he just became aware of his state when he said here's the problem with sin with storms with hardships it makes us more aware of who we are and less aware of who God is who told you you were naked you've always been naked who told you you were emotional you've always been emotional who told you this who told you where that that has always been you but don't you understand that your weakness is what proves the strength of God your weakness has never been a problem to God up to this point it's just now you're more focused on your weakness than your focus on the strength of God and it's not until you get back into his presence that you get your attention off of all that you are not and all that he is you see it's in God's presence we're like the life of the Apostles said God we decrease so that you can increase and and I love this in verse 21 it says this it says then the Lord God made clothing from the animal skins for Adam and his well you know what gods response to Adams weakness was he covered it don't get me wrong there are consequences for sin there are things that we delay in our lives by not doing it God's Way but God's greatest desire in our life is not to rub your mess in your face his greatest desire is not to tell you how you've messed up his greatest desire is to cover you so that you can continue to pursue all that he's called you to pursue but he can't do that if you're hiding you're hiding from him I have a baby girl she's almost two years old and we're having the fun of potty training but we're trying to potty train my daughter and any parent in here who's ever tried to potty train your child you know before you train them they train you it's amazing what children . Will do to you what kids like I mean I was oh man now the stuff I celebrate . Will blow your mind Billy did number one and number two in the toilet last night new life I mean I wish she got us ice cream donut like we were partying we were celebrating I was on the phone my time one of my friends he's like dude you have lost your mind I said it's because you've never had to clean up one of those things runs she went in but you don't understand this is a big deal but she doesn't always get it right sometimes she tells me I need to go potty but she's already going potty in her diaper and I'll say hey Zoey you need to get changed she says no you should kind of go off in a room and kind of hide in a corner or whatever it may be why cuz she's a little bit of shame that she didn't meet her father's expectation I said Zoey do you need to get change and she's like no no no I'm good diaper hanging down to her knees Zoey do you need to get changed no no no I'm good got my whole house thinking Zoey did he get change no no no I'm good why because she's afraid that I'm gonna yell at her and spank her instead of just change her so my house don't stink anymore and we get up into God's presence after having one of the worst weeks of our lives fighting the whole you were fighting in the parking lot before the greeter person said good morning good morning we're so glad to be here and we get into God's presence I just feel like God is saying do do you need me to cover you and they're like no no no we're good sin diaper hanging all the way down and God's saying do you need me to cover you right no no we're good cause like you're stinking up my whole presence with all that drama that's going on in your life I'm not here to expose you I'm actually here to cover god doesn't just want us in his presence he wants the real us second thing is just to write this down let God name you if I had time I tell you this story about this guy by the name of Jacob Jacob came to a point in his life where he was getting ready to face the most difficult storm he's ever faced at one time I preached a message about the good parts of storms we don't like haters we don't like difficulty you know like hardship we don't like sickness or wonder why is not you just me there's something about a storm that makes me pray in a way that I've never prayed before there's something about a storm that makes me pursue God in a way I've never pursued him before there's something about a storm that strips me of my self-sufficiency and brings me smack-dab into the reality that if God does not move I cannot get out of this situation Jacob found himself in this and the Bible says that he clung to God all night long the morning began it came and Jesus said hey I need to go you got to let me go bro I need to go back to heaven and Jacob said this I . Will not let you go until you bless me I just feel in my heart that God is looking for some believers that your worship time does not have a stopwatch based on it it's not 15 minutes a day . Will keep the devil away but I am gonna pursue God with all my mind all my body and all my strength I . Will stop pursuing you until you bless me is there anybody in here that you are so desperate from a move of God in your life you have realized that if he does not do it it . Will not get done and you are saying god I am coming after you until I see that loved one healed until I see that child come back to Christ until I see that relationship restored he said I don't care God I'm not letting you go until you bless me and God said okay fine what's your name you see the reason why he act Jacob his name is because Jacob had spent his entire life lying about his name his brother's name was Esau and Jacob told everyone that he was Esau because the firstborn is the one that was entitled to the inheritance of the family and the second born was left the scraps and Jacob says if I if I accept who I really am Society tells me that I cannot have what I really want so I am gonna pretend to be who I really am not so that I can get what I really want and God says I can't really bless who you pretend to be I can only bless who you really are some of you are struggling to give up certain things because you see that thing as a pathway to the promise that you're believing God for and God says this I still have a promise but that's not who I made you to be that's not who you are and yes all the promises of God are yes and amen but by you rejecting who I've made you to be you are not saying amen to the promises of God you are saying God I don't want it in my life not it that way at least it's a Jacob who are you he said God this is who I am I'm Jacob Jacob means liar Jacob means deceiver Jacob means manipulator Jacob said this is who I am I'm I'm a cheat I'm a liar I'm a manipulator imma imma by any means necessary guy I lie about whoever I'll cheat whoever I'll do whatever I have to do that's that you want to know who I am god that's who I am and as soon as he because you would think if someone gets into God's presence thank God I'm a liar that's what I would do if I pre-cut I just striker I praise don't don't trip I'd raise them back to life bring them right back guys no no that's who you used to be but because you were honest with me about who you used to be here is the new name that I'm gonna give you no longer are you Jacob the deceiver now you are Israel a man who is a nation and . Will be a blessing to every single person he encounters for the rest of eternity God says I would love to bless you but as long as you come into my presence with this pretense of who you want me to think you are I can't deal with you last thing is this write this down write this down let him cover you let him name you and then go out with his power I'm actually gonna read it just just so you can see I'm not making it up Bible says this in 1st Samuel chapter 70 48 so David throws off Saul's army says look if I'm gonna go out to this battle I'm gonna be who God's called me to be if i'ma lose I'm gonna lose by who God called me to be I'm not gonna go out there by the way you . Will either be a victorious original or a defeated copy we ain't got time for that though first aim of chapter 17 verse 40 he says this so it was when the Philistine arose and came and drew near to meet David that David hurried and ran towards the army to meet the Philistine oh if I had some believers that were so confident in their God you didn't run from storms but she ran right at it you didn't run away from problems but you ran right at it knowing that God is gonna bring the victory says then David put his hand in his bag and took out a stone and he slung it and struck the Philistine in the forehead so that the soul stone sank into his forehead and he fell watch this on his face to the earth I was an econ major I'm more of a math guy I am NOT a science guy I don't like science I did the bare minimum to get through but everybody in here you've you've done enough physics to understand Rock Goliath yell with me Rock collide say it with me just like we're preaching us together Rock collide take rock I throw it at Goliath we all know this is a supernatural story we know that we always think you know David throws the rock in his own strength and then God gets an angel and just accelerates the rock but understand this that rock hit Goliath with the velocity to embed in his hoar head and kill him dragon physics if somebody gets hit enough in the forehead with a rock at the velocity to embed into their forehead and kill them this is like one of those riddles which way does the Giant fall he got y'all appreciated with me already right he gets hit in the forehead with the rock of the velocity to kill him he should be going this way but the writer of this first went out of his way to say that Goliath fell face down here's why the rock wasn't the source of the victory the source of the victory those that God was fighting on David's behalf and when God is fighting for you he requires every storm that you face to bow to the name of Jesus because the Bible says that everything under this earth must bow its knee at the name of Jesus what David understood is it wasn't the armor and it wasn't the rock it was the presence of God on my life but if I had not encountered that presence in his hiding place I would have not had the confidence that I could walk into this storm and see God move in my life but never before I feel the unction of the Holy Ghost over me right now to say that there are some storms in your life that are getting ready to bow their knee to the name of Jesus nobody . Will be able to explain how that outcome came outside of but the grace of God in my life he won't bless who you pretend to be but if you . Will be who he's called you to be in his presence Giants . Will fall storms . Will pass they . Will bow their name in the name of Jesus can somebody praise the name of God and displace father God we are grateful that you are our banner you are the one who fights our battle and God I speak on behalf of every single person in this room God we surrender every storm every battle can you just do that right now whatever it is that you're facing whatever is that you're believing God for make a decision right now god I'm not gonna try to do it in my own strength god I'm not gonna try to manipulate my way through this one God I'm not gonna try to network my way through this one God I'm gonna bring it into your presence and let you be God God we're grateful that you are on the scene and you are in control we bless you.

Wood Tobe-Coburn School - hello hello hello okay so I am just going to quickly pop on to Facebook on my phone and share this video so just one moment if you'll bear with me okay how is everybody you guys are good let's see if I can figure out how to do this bear with me guys hey Joan how are you tonight I am just sharing this video so bear with me one second here I hope everybody's having a good night so far all right hi good to see you hope you're doing well in a while let's see sorry guys first time here we are ok I'm going to share one more and time or place and then then I'll get started with my away my stuff that I have for today so okay I lied one more place second I'm so sorry you okay there we go okay so it looks like I should be able to see my comments on here so that's awesome hi Elena okay so Who am I well I've been watching in a spiritual business pace yet we have and have noticed that a lot of people are doing this so I thought I would join in let me move that so we don't listen to my computer ok so how am i I am Melissa I am a spiritual teacher I help people get a handle on their spiritual gifts with a special emphasis on children and their parents and I'll explain how I get to that point in my journey so a little bit about me I'm a born medium so um just means I've been able to see here and talk to spirits since I was born um which was both a blessing and I won't call it a curse but not always the most convenient thing ever when you know you grow up in a house I was born in the early 80s and so um you know people were just a little more sleep than and hey Davina and my parents especially weren't really as open and they just were uneducated we'll go with that it's not that they meant to me it you know unsupportive but they just didn't understand what's going on so here's me growing up in a house as a little one with you know ghosties and spirits and friends and why not it's all in my room and really nowhere to go with that no one to talk to about it no one that really understood what's going on so it was just kind of me and I'm like hmm okay what do we do with that oh man you know you're just kind of told oh you're just making it up or um it's not real you know so I did what I think a lot of people do and kind of closed down my gifts and just ignored them and kind of I don't know you know how you do you just ignore them and hope it go away but they challenge because let's be real spirit . Will keep persisting until you feel what's going on and acknowledge your gifts hey Susan um so so what ended up happening was um a whole lot of anxiety anybody that has ever ignored their spiritual gifts or spirit in general knows that they don't give up it . Will keep pursuing you until you pay attention to them and our body perceive spirit energy it has anxiety because spirit you know they usually try to lift our energy up to their level which usually means they're going to raise this up a little and our bodies perceive that as anxiety because it just doesn't have much to do with that you know so there we go so I ended up closing down my gifts probably as a preteen I don't really remember I guess when it actually stopped but probably probably like nine ten somewhere in there you know you just end up just me I just one day was like can't what forget it I don't want to deal with that let's just everybody go about your business what leave me alone and no thank you well we'll do something with that later hey Allison so like I said how was manifested for me was severe anxiety and depression um I would have full-blown anxiety attacks like especially at night when I was outside was the worst for me um and so I like if I was out at night somewhere and then I had to drive home by myself I would have full-blown anxiety attacks I mean crying and hyperventilating like just freaking out and I didn't know why well now I know that that was just spirit trying to get in touch with me number one I was alone so I could listen a little easier I think way seem to be a little more active at night I know that's true for me and most people that have experience with spirit it's just they're more active at night yeah Lina I've heard a lot of I don't remember I first heard it but I a lot of people that I know have refer to that as a spirit anxiety so like when spirit comes around you started to feel like anxious and just feel like what is that just because your energy is doing weird stuff that it wasn't doing five minutes ago and so I would I like that I call it spirit anxiety I don't really get it anymore and I'll go into that again but yeah so severe anxiety and depression for me as a teenager it was terrible terrible terrible terrible and then probably my 20s as well I left my gifts closed all the way until I was in my 30s my early thirties probably is when I started kind of noticing them hey Dori but I still didn't really just do with them didn't I mean I was kind of eating a little curious so I would like read a blog post here and there but nothing serious so in in my probably mid 30s I went to a cosmetology school to learn how to do nails totally unrelated and I met a friend there and she I we got to talking about all things metaphysical and she talked into not being afraid of my gifts anymore and to pursue them and open them up and really explore what that was and be okay with it and not you know release the stigma that I had with all things metaphysical and like you know being a medium and all that kind of thing she thought I was awesome so that gave me courage to kind of a little bit of courage enough that I was secretly looking at blog post and that I was in the closet watching YouTube videos in my headphones so nobody I'll know what I'm doing you know kind of thing but wasn't ready to come out of the spiritual closet yet so I was real to myself but I was really getting heavy into it like a lot of research I guess you could call it like blog posts and YouTube videos and whatever I could find it was just kind of soaking it all in and then I finally got the half the courage to go into a metaphysical shop and hey Jen and so I decided to to Google one um my friend didn't know we're anywhere here she thought there was some in another town Minh didn't know of any here in town so I googled and one came up so I was like okay cool let me check out this website so I'm like looking and there's a few people on there practitioners that I felt kind of called to like talk to and so I'm like okay I'm just gonna go in here and like look for some crystals but I'm gonna talk to anybody and hopefully nobody to me so I went in and there was one person on the website that I had in particular noticed and felt really called so like talked to but was too chicken of course so I walk in and who's standing at the counter that person which freaked me out because I was like oh my god there she is oh my god what do I do you know like almost turned around and walked out that's freaking out so yeah Davina yeah so so many wait but I stayed I didn't talk to her like didn't make eye contact I like went and got my crystals and paid for my crystals and it was just like what he thinks by you know like left and it was really kind of funny you know what I look back at it but yeah Alison yeah the anxiety that's how a lot of people start noticing it a lot of people go and get on medication because you know you don't know what to do with your with this anxiety right you know if you don't know you don't know what you don't know so when people are having anxiety then I I always tell them you know it and I'm not against mental health or mental you know hitting mental health but you get for a lot of people that later come into their gifts they figure out that the anxiety was all related to spirit and spiritual stuff so anyway okay so I got my crystals in my home then I have notes sorry I'm looking at them real quick yeah okay so I finally decided that I'm going to check out these classes that they had there and I felt brave enough to maybe go to one so I did it was an intro class in charge of shamanism class um and it's where I met a lot of these lovely ladies that are popping in here tonight and yeah and Davina that was so funny how she came back into my life too at the same at the same shop it was pretty crazy so I go over to the shaman class and I'm like okay this is pretty cool yeah I think maybe I think maybe I can hang with these guys you know this seems pretty cool I felt called to go so I'm like okay so I signed up for the full class and started going we met once a month and I made it about halfway through that class and then decided I don't know I felt really I learned a lot in those six months that it just didn't feel like I needed to continue at that time a lot happened in those six months like I developed a lot and came out of the spiritual closet and actually started working in the shop that that I was so scared to go to in the first place so anyway I was working as I was doing readings which was super out of my comfort zone so kind of is I'm working on releasing that fear didn't mean I was helping me with that she's doing awesome hey Brooke yeah so there was or hanging in the shop and you know I was doing readings and loving it I helped a lot of people and kind of just developing my um my confidence Elena thanks yeah your reading was probably one of my favorites that I ever did actually anyway so there was like developing a list stuff I'm still really not knowing what I wanted to do because I I let's see I I took Reiki classes I would did the shaman thing for like six months didn't really feel like that fit thanks to Mina you're amazing too and I submitted some writing to a bunch of magazines I don't know if anybody really knows this about me but I was actually published and international like metaphysical magazine I had an article I just kind of sent just blank I just wrote this article and just got a bunch of email addresses for magazines and I just started submitting my article to kind of everybody and one actually sent back a thing and most of them are like oh no thanks you know kind of thing but one actually stuff sent back an email was like yeah dude that's we're gonna publish this it was kind of like they're highlighted it was sort of like a letter to the editor sort of is what it would be equivalent to it yes but it was like a highlighted reader of the Month article and so it was kind of like first thing in the magazine which was kind of cool and they're based out of the UK so I didn't actually get a copy of the magazine which was a bummer I wanted to get a copy to keep but um but hey house did send me a free book um it was about it was something about moon something I don't know where it is but I should have looked it up anyway it was kind of cool it was cool so that was kind of a fun deal that I guess built my confidence a little bit more - so the other part of my life is I have four kids and I started noticing that all four of my kids gifts as well they all manifested differently for each kid so which kid has well I mean our gifts manifest differently for everybody so I wouldn't they for them too but it was kind of fun to start exploring my kids and how their gifts are showing up for them and how they're choosing to use them so then what I my challenge was I don't want microts kids to grow up feeling scared and anxious the way I did so I had to sit down and talk with my husband and just about everything that had been going on which he already kind of knew and decide um you know is it okay if you know I'm gonna start talking to these guys about angels and fairies and spirits and all things metaphysical so luckily he was on board so we went ahead and started talking to our kids about all of that stuff and just giving them the tools of what to do with their gifts and how to use them and how to stay safe with their gifts and just to make it fun and not scary which was important to me because my childhood had been scary you know not on purpose but just because I didn't have any resources so as it went along my quest became to make like I said make it easy and fun and not scary as we went along so so I've been pairing to make it that way right and everybody kept saying when it would come up in conversation everybody would say oh well it's really interesting like I've never thought about talking to my kids about it or I love people when they do talk to other kids about it they kind of sugarcoat it and don't give them all the details which their kids yeah but the kids are just little people right so we just need to talk to them you know kind of kid it up you know and don't use you know the terminology don't let it be scary or whatever but you know I believe in full disclosure letting them know just kind of what the situation is and you know giving them the tools to deal with it so that that empowers them to be able to deal with anything that might be scaring them and if they can't I don't know I'm always here you know if you can't deal with it if you try and you can't get whatever it is resolved you're always welcome to come in and ask for help or a hug or whatever it is you need but I'd try to empower our kids to be able to control their gifts and you control their space so that you know they don't have the unwanted visitors in their room at night if they don't want them there they just tell them go away I don't want you in here right now and it's been pretty cool to watch them on their journey you recently I've gotten the spiritual assignment that I am supposed to help other people learn how to use the techniques that I've been using well I've been parenting my kids not that I claim to know at all or anything but I'm just following where Spirit is leading and that's always a good decision because they'll keep pushing until we go right so now it's kind of my mission to make sure that the tools are out there for the parents that need them and the children that need them and I trust that Spirit . Will lead the people to me that need my kind of help and are meant to work with me so that's kind of where brings us to full circle to where we're at now so now what I'm doing is I'm getting together class I'm probably going to launch it online I've always had the vision that I would have an online kind of digital space business and so I'm pretty sure that's where we're gonna do it ayuh toyed with having a live class in person in town but I just that's really I don't feel like that's where I want to go right now so spirits really pushing me to keep it digital for now and then I do see myself probably doing like speaking engagements and like live classes maybe eventually down the road but for now like I said spirits kind of pushing me to leave it digital for now so I'm just like I said I'm trying to do that they're telling me to do cuz you know they know better than we do most the time so anyways that's progress I'm now a full blown full grown grown-up medium psychic all the things I don't really like to have a title other than just teacher I love the title of teacher I love helping people learn how to open up their gifts I love people learning give them little tips and tricks on how to use them how I use them all those things so anyway that is hey Jamie that's my story I'm sticking to it I guess anybody has any questions let me know otherwise I'm gonna hop off here cut you guys not here for 20 minutes that's a long time but seems to be enough for the love yes spirit always has your back exactly they totally do if we listen alright ladies and gents I know we're still here but I hope you guys all have a good night share with your friends let them know you were here we're doing this thing where yes Lina go ahead we are unplugging people waking people up including making it easier for the next generation that's kind of my thing clear the fear because I mean noticed that that's happening look around everybody's wakin up yes Lina how can we stay attuned to what's coming yeah well this page the on my public page I'm gonna for sure be posting things and Martha is gracious and lets us share in her group so I'll be doing that as well my Instagram I'm really active on Instagram I like I love posting on Instagram so I'm I'm there doing that it'll kind of be everywhere I'll share it everywhere so I mean I won't hide it from you the days of hiding her over right that was New Year it's time for us to all go go go doesn't matter how we get there we just have to go right guys okay let's I love everybody thanks for tuning in thanks for chatting with me love you guys have a good night Thanks you.


Hilbert College, Hamburg - you have you ever been told so just be yourself maybe when you're going to an interview we were meeting your partner's family for the first time I have and when people tell me to just be myself my mind is sent into confused spiral and I feel like asking who am i anyway I feel like when I look in the mirror I don't really know certainly the me in the mirror doesn't look like for me I think I am my little sister wants to report rated me her version of me is more of me than the mean i think i am is pictures of me rarely look like me there are 1592 pictures of me on facebook just two or three actually look like me when i was in that moment not posing not being somebody else not focusing on trying to be sexy or alluring or cool or hipster when I just look like me two or three over a thousand when I'm with my friends did they think of me in the same way that I think of me who was that person what do they look like is that person funny or smart or annoying or interesting or boring when I say that someone knows me better than I know myself what does that mean how can anyone possibly know me better than I know myself it's possible because I lie to myself all of us do this I'm sure we lie to ourselves because we don't really know who we are we know who we want to be most often we convince ourselves that we are not as good as everyone else in the room we make ourselves unsure when we speak to people we question if what we say is valid some of us won't even say what we are thinking about saying because we convince ourselves it isn't worth hearing we spend so long trying to be somebody else trying to fit in or feel like we also a particular group . Will label that eventually we don't know who we actually are anymore we forget whether that really is you or if that's pretending to be you and then that you isn't you where is the real you who am i anyway I don't know if you are like me but a lot at the time I feel like a fake I'm terrified being found out as if someone . Will suddenly jump out at me and be like she's not the real her arrest her we need to find the real Eden and if that happens I'll be like go for it send her my way see if she knows how to just be yourself.