What is an email campaign ID

Tracking campaigns with Webtrends can provide valuable insight into multi-channel marketing activities. For example, marketers can use this insight to determine which channels and creative types are the most successful in driving visitors to the site, how engaged visitors were by the content on the campaign landing page, and whether those visits lead to conversions. With Visitor History enabled for campaigns, marketers can correlate future activity such as return visits, orders and revenue with the campaign recorded on a vistor's very first clickthrough.

Webtrends uses the WT.mc_id parameter, short for "Marketing Campaign ID," to identify campaigns. Campaigns can be tracked by adding WT.mc_id=YourCampaignName to the campaign's target URL. The Campaign IDs report in Webtrends displays the value in its literal form, however, additional classification and information can be specified in the campaigns.csv translation file. Other reports, such as the Campaigns report, use this translation file to display more meaningful information for campaign activity. For more information on using a translation file, refer to http://kb.webtrends.com/articles/How_To/How-do-I-create-lookup-tables-and-upload-translation-files-using-the-Translation-File-Import-TFI-service-1365447696782.