What is meant by 1Link ATM


Shared ATM

1LINK being the leading shared ATM Network in Pakistan enables inter-connectivity among the member banks creating a broad-based card acceptance for cash withdrawal at customer’s disposal apart from their own bank’s ATM.

This facility allows Banks to provide cash withdrawal and balance inquiry services to customers at all ATMs across the country (for Off-us transactions). Moreover, for On-us transactions, 1LINK has transformed ATMs into more than just a cash-withdrawing machine. All member banks via 1LINK’s shared ATM network can offer Inter Bank Funds Transfer, balance inquiry and bill payment services to their customers. Over 190 million ATM transactions (and growing) were successfully processed by 1LINK in the year 2018.

This connectivity and transaction routing is backed by “Authentic” (NCR), an agile transaction processing platform employing ORACLE database which allows 1LINK to operate multi-faceted payments from a single platform while complying to the EMV standards. Through its switching services, 1LINK connects 31 commercial and microfinance banks with branch banking in collaboration with the key global payment schemes such as VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay International (UPI) and Japan Credit Bureau (JCB).