What is so peculiar in visiting Finland

Why visit Finland? Why not??

Proximity to Elsewhere in Europe

Scandinavia and the Nordic countries are remarkably close to other European nations, just a very short flight from the UK and places like Germany. It is off the beaten track without having to travel very far (if your origin is in Europe, that is!)

Meet Santa Claus

Embark on any range of Lapland trips and you are very likely to have the opportunity to meet Santa Claus himself in his home village in Finnish Lapland. This magical wonderland is a must visit for children of all ages who love and remember fondly the magic and mystery of Christmas.

Beautiful, clean cities

Helsinki is amongst the cleanest and most tourist friendly cities in all of Europe. Russian and Swedish influences impact the architecture and general vibe of Helsinki. Fabulous and reliable public transport, great walkability, and a high standard of dining options make this global city a breath of fresh air – literally.

Lovely Summer Weather

While it is true that Finland is a bitterly cold place in the dark depths of winter (and as such the season has its own unique attractions), summer can be a surprisingly mild and even at times warm season. All day sunlight is conducive to being outside and really enjoying what the outdoors has to offer. This brings us to…

Outdoors Lifestyle

Helsinki is a tourist’s playground during the summer months, as is Finland on a wider scale. Finland is known as the “Land of The Thousand Lakes” and as such, water sports are very popular. Why not go jet skiing, kayaking, sailing, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, or enjoy one of the many Finnish festivals which take place during the summer months.


Gourmands will enjoy what Finland has to offer. Food is fresh and local, and of the highest quality. Fish and meats are available in massive varieties, and exotic game meats like reindeer are abundant on any menu.

Finland Proudly Boasts… the “real” Santa; more saunas than anywhere else in the world; the planet’s biggest archipelago; the world’s most unique and crazy competitions; the cleanest tap water on earth; the world’s most pristine nature; the Aurora Borealis; and much, much more.
Add a visit to Finland to your bucket list – you will be enchanted by what you find in this unspoilt corner of the world.