What is the application of glass beads

Blasting with glass beads offers the flexibility to remove many types of surface imperfections, including burrs, rust, and paint removal resulting in a brightly polished matte type finish. Finishing Systems stocks a vast inventory of many different types of abrasive blasting media for your blasting processes.  If you would prefer to outsource your blasting we promise affordably priced and rapid turn around blasting in our York,  PA job shop.   Allow us to go to work for you!

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For Cleaning, Finishing, Peening, and Deburring Applications

  • Environmentally Safe – glass media abrasives are one of the safest blasting materials
  • Economical – May be reused several times reducing your material and disposal costs
  • Glass Impact Beads contain No Free Silica
  • Chemically Inert – no ferrous or other residual contaminants
  • Provides a bright, matte, surface finish – adding to the aesthetic appeal of a finished product often seen in architectural pieces
  • Cleans quickly and efficiently without significant metal removal – thereby reducing damage to a metal substrate
  • Imparts a controlled, clean finish on a variety of metals


Examples of Typical Glass Media Blasting Applications

Glass media blasting is a flexible process that is commonly used in a wide range of manufacturing processes. Smaller glass bead abrasive material is well-suited for lighter processes involving fine detail work. Medium-size glass beads make the best choice when working with metal materials such as aluminum and stainless steel and are known for their ability to hide defects on the substrate surface. Large glass beads work well for cleaning and deburring of rough surfaces found on many metal castings and various automotive parts. You can trust Finishing Systems for all of your glass bead blasting media needs, contact us today!

Another important benefit of using glass beads for sandblasting is that the process generates a relatively small amount of dust. This is because glass beads can be blasted at a lower PSI than many other types of media. Reduced dust levels enhance operators’ visibility during the blasting process, allowing them to work more effectively. Less dirt and dust also saves time and reduces the costs associated with keeping the work area clean, which can have a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

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Finishing Systems carries a wide assortment of glass beads in numerous sizes. With more than 40 years of metal finishing experience, we can also provide the know-how to help you design and implement a glass bead finishing process that meets the needs of your operation. Our modern York, PA facility features the latest glass bead blasting equipment for use in both pressure and wheel blasting techniques.

Contact us today to learn more about the many advantages glass blasting media can provide for your metal finishing operation, as well as our extensive selection of media and glass bead blasting machine and equipment offerings. Glass bead blast media product samples are available upon request.

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Metal Finishing Beads:

PNDesignationUS SieveInches MaxInches MinMicrons MaxMicrons MinMin % Round
 A 20-30 .0331.023485060065
 GS04 AAA 25-40 .0278.013971035565
 GS06 B 30-40 .0234.016560042565
 C 40-60 .0165.009842525075
 GS10 AA 40-70 .0165.008342521270
 GS12 D 50-70 .0117.008330021275
 AB 50-80 .0117.007030018070
 GS14 AC 60-120 .0098.004925012580
 GS15 AD 70-140 .0083.004121210680
 GS16 AE 100-170 .0059.00351509085
 GS20 AG 120-270 .0049.00211255385
 GS22 AH 170-325 .0035.0017904585
 GS26 AQ 325-Finer .0017Finer44Finer

Mil-Spec Glass Beads:

PNDesignationUS SieceInches MaxInches MinMicrons MaxMicrons MinMin % Round