What is the Google Drive backup sync

  • Backup and Sync syncs and stores Drive content locally on your computer.
  • Drive File Stream streams all files and folders from the cloud. You can only use Drive File Stream with a Google Account through work or school.

See differences between Backup and Sync & Drive File Stream

 Backup and SyncDrive File Stream
Use files in My DriveYesYes
Use files in shared drivesNoYes
Sync only selected folders in My Drive*YesYes
Sync only individual files in My Drive*NoYes
Use native apps, like Microsoft Office & PhotoshopYesYes
See who's editing with real-time presence in Microsoft OfficeNoYes
Integrates with Microsoft OutlookNoYes
Sync other folders, like Documents or DesktopYesNo
Use with your personal Google AccountYesNo
Use with your work or school Google AccountMaybeYes
Upload photos and videos to Google PhotosYesNo

*With Drive File Stream, you can make selected files or folders 'Available offline' to sync them to your computer rather than an online stream.