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  • There's no reason to fear deep contamination ."
  • The main problem was the risk of contamination from surface microbes.
  • The fuel contamination could be germain to normal equipment in storage.
  • There's just too much chance of contamination ."
  • Gerdes'testimony has bolstered the defense cross-contamination theory.
  • Contamination's a random thing; happens willy-nilly.
  • Calls to the Drinking Water Contamination Hot Line are going unanswered?
  • The risk of contamination for the people handling them is high.
  • The opposition campaigned here on a pledge to curb industrial contamination.
  • Pasteurization can be defeated by contamination ( from ) other sources.
  • No one is certain how the recent contamination of strawberries occurred.
  • They haven't fully assessed the contamination yet ."
  • It found no mercury contamination in the soil and water tests.
  • Plus, you have this enormous groundwater contamination under the city.
  • The contamination never was a hazard to humans, Camp said.
  • A common problem, she said, is cross-contamination.
  • Hudson said it believes the contamination came from outside its plant.
  • Yet the consultant's conclusions suggested that contamination was widespread.
  • Their goal : To stop the violence contamination at the source.
  • She said inspectors are not catching every instance of food contamination.
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