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ConnectAndSell, Inc.
1825 S. Grant Street
Suite 635
San Mateo, CA 94402-7020


Toll Free:    (888) 240-7377
Email:  Contact ConnectAndSell
Web:    http://connectandsell.com/


CRM Category: Field Sales Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Sales Presentations
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

ConnectAndSell was founded in 2007; that’s about 3 lifetimes ago in Silicon Valley.  We are the pioneers in conversation enablement technology that revolutionized B2B marketing.  We are proud to say that we remain the innovative leader in this space.  No competitors are close to matching our technology, service quality and scalability. But are we resting on our laurels?   Hell no!  We are upgrading and improving our existing product while seeking and delivering innovative ways to increase your conversations.  As proud as we are of past accomplishments, we believe our biggest successes remain in our clients’ future.

About the Product:

When you try to make a connection with a potential business partner, there is only a small chance you will reach the person you want to talk with directly on the first try.  And, if your job is to talk to oodles of people each day, you are going to spend most of your day dialing and not much of it in actual conversation. In fact, 41% of calls require 2 or more layers of navigation to determine an outcome, and it’s not always the outcome you were looking for.  It’s time to try something different.

ConnectAndSell Solution

The ConnectAndSell solution combines best-in-class technology and a human touch. Together the two parts provide conversations quickly and offer a seamless transition from our platform to your conversation.

The first part of the solution is our cloud based software that begins the outbound call process as soon as you log-in.  You can access your contacts directly from our platform or from your own CRM system.  ConnectAndSell integrates seamlessly with SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics and other CRM systems.

Our technology does the dialing.  But still, 97% of the people you ring will not initially pick up the phone.  So, the ConnectAndSell solution includes a global network of highly trained agents who will work as your virtual assistants; navigating gate keepers, IVR’s, phone trees and other obstacles to talk time on your behalf.  Our skilled agents are trained on call strategies designed to get your targets on the phone, all the while representing you and your organization with courteous professionalism.  ConnectAndSell agents never speak to your prospect.   Once your prospect says “hello”, you are injected into the conversation in a fraction of a second.

When you are ready to begin having conversations, fire up ConnectAndSell then sit back and watch for a few minutes as we dial multiple numbers on your calling list. The connections are made in parallel, meaning our technology is doing the dialing while our agents are navigating phone trees for multiple contacts at one time.

Your Experience

Simply load your calling list, dial into a phone bridge, and click the “Go” button to log into your ConnectAndSell session. Wait a few minutes while our conversation generating engine does its thing. When someone on your list answers, you hear a tone and see their contact info – instantly – and you’re in a conversation.

While you are on a call, other connection attempts cease.  When your discussion is complete, update the contact records and notes like you always do in your CRM.  Then, when you are ready, hit the “Go” button again.   Your contact record updates are automatically passed from our platform to your CRM database.

When your session is complete you will get a report showing you all your connections.  This helps you see what is working and can help you make adjustments to your call lists and your technique.

Your Prospects Experience

The person on the other end of the line picks up the phone and says “hello”.  What was their experience?  What did they hear?  Was there a pause or a beep before your cheerful greeting?   Absolutely not.  On the other end of the line, it felt the same as receiving any point-to-point call. And, you set the number for the caller ID.  So you control what is seen before the call as well.

How it Compares

Predictive dialers can appear to be low cost at first glance.  But, sales agents waste valuable time dealing with IVR’s, gatekeepers and voice mail boxes and still aren’t guaranteed an actual conversation. Agent assisted calling overcomes this hurdle but it is cost prohibitive and does not scale.  The ConnectAndSell platform is a cost effective SaaS solution that guarantees you a live conversation with one of the leads on your list and has the flexibility to change along with your business needs.

ConnectAndSell is designed to expediently and cost-effectively connect B2B sales reps with hard to reach decision makers.  We can help you take your business to the next level.



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For a proper demo of this CRM solution:

For a proper demo of this CRM solution, please contact the company directly.


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